Welcome to the first blog by yours truly, the Trendy Trainer! Much to your surprise this blog will not be filled with vibrant images of the latest Lululemon jackets or pants. This blog will not be plastered with brands such as Nike, Adidas and Underarmour. Instead the “trends” I will be following are the physical ones. The hot fads that are currently taking the health clubs by storm and transforming individuals lives daily. From California to Maine, these classes fill with people who are passionate about that certain style of exercise.  
Throughout this year I will explore the many new trends and crazes in this ever changing fitness world. I will reach out of my comfort zone to expand my knowledge of exercise for the betterment of myself and my clients. I want to push myself into places I wouldn’t normally go- a 100 degree room for example. I want to laugh at myself because of my pure lack of coordination. I want to experiment, sweat, bleed and even fail at some of these crazy trends that are sweeping the fitness nation.  
Join me as I conquer this goal and blog about my experiences. Hopefully this will inspire you to try something new as well! Whether it’s a new exercise class or simply getting back into a workout routine, let this motivate you into beginning your own path to health and wellness. Enjoy!

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