Beware the bar!

I have been a Spin instructor for 3 years and I would be lying if I said I never felt stuck. Just how many go through workout “blahs”, I sometimes find myself teaching with the same music, pattern and ride. Therefore I have decided to make an effort to take more classes from other instructors as well as attend workshops as much as I can.

I will attempt to take at least one other instructors Spin class a week to open myself up to new ideas, musical selection and variations on “cueing”. I am planning on going to Boston Balance in November, which I am super excited about! It’s always fun to be surrounded by others who share the same love that you do!

So, tonight I am going to a Spin class at BSC and hopefully it will give me some great new ideas that I can use in my upcoming classes this summer and fall 🙂

My new favorite thing… Larabars!

Made from all pure, gluten-free, vegan ingredients and SO yummy! I am on-the-go a lot and find that granola bars are a great go to grab. But beware of the bars that don’t provide anything of value. Many have too much sugar, too few grams of fiber and protein and too many hard to pronounce ingredients! Why would you want to put something in your body you can’t pronounce? Larabars can be expensive but keep your eye out for store sales. 10/$10 is a great deal and they sometimes have them at Shaw’s or Star Market. 
So, next time you are on the run make sure you are grabbing something nutritious and beneficial for your body. Know you are doing yourself a favor by preventing sugar spikes and hunger soon after gorging that chocolatey “low-cal” bar. 

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