Bring on the heat!

Living in Boston you never really expect to experience super hot temps. As New Englanders we prepare for snow, sleet, freezing rain and frigid wind chills. Like the rest of the country right now we are going through quite a heat wave, so it was to my surprise that there were actually people exercising yesterday!

The gym was much warmer than usual, but this didn’t seem to deter people from getting their sweat on… literally. Even I was pretty excited about trying a new program I had put together. After running 3mi on the treadmill I was so sweaattyyy that I felt like I had just finished Bikram. I came into the strength room and did the following…

Friday swweaattyy Fun!
Go through each series 3x. Make sure to warm up, cool down and stretch and of course check with your doctor before beginning any new workout routine.  
– Med. Ball Push ups (15x)
-Bench Dips (10x)
– Bi Curls (10x)
-Prowler Pushes (one gym court length-down and back)
– Jumping rope (1min.)
-Plank (30s)
If you don’t have access to a prowler of a gym court, you can replace that with some squat jumps or burpees  for 30-45sec. 
Fashion Update:
When I first began this blog, I was simply trying out trends within the fitness industry and posting about them. One of the first questions I was asked was if I would blog about fitness fashion. At first I was really against that idea because I thought it would take away from the main idea of this blog. BUT since venturing out and posting recipes and workouts, I have decided to bring in some fashion as well. 
 So I feel it is only appropriate to dedicate this first fashion post to my all time favorite brand for working out (and heck pretty much all the time!)… Lululemon. I only discovered them about 2 years ago, but they are an amazing company and brand of workout apparel. I wear these clothes not only to train in but also to teach Spin, muscle conditioning, run, grocery shop, go to the beach… the possibilities are endless. Between the beautiful colors, comfy luon fabric and feminine designs, there is something for every one’s shape, size and style.  
Me with Mom and Pops in a Lulu tank after completing Boston’s Half Marathon. Swweattyyyyy!

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