Burn baby burn!

Happy Wednesday!

 If you take Spin/Group Cycling at all, you know that the instructors are extremely versatile. From variations in musical selection to how they put together a ride, everyone is different. This makes going to many different classes fun, exciting and always a different experience! Many Spin students find an instructor that they love and stick to them like glue; reserving a bike 24hrs in advance (if your gym allows it). BUT I challenge you to try a new instructor. Not only will you be broadening your Spin comfort zone, but you will also be challenging your body through a different routine than it’s used to.

Monday night I tried out a new Spin class with the motivation of getting some great new ideas (plus an awesome workout or course!). Although the music was not what I normally play/use during my rides, I got some amazing ideas for interval training! Our instructor was using sets of 3 intervals with a hill/climb in between. The set of three consisted of 60sec, 45sec, 30sec, 15sec…. seated climb, standing climb, seated sprint, standing sprint, rest (x3). It really got my heart rate up without feeling completely depleted before the end of class. Speaking of heart rate….

She also used a heart rate monitor throughout the class. I own a Polar HRM and use the watch daily. I used to use the chest band a lot but it began to get uncomfortable and therefore has been in the closet ever since. Not only is a HRM great for showing calories burned, it is also important for reaching your optimal performance levels. You can track weekly workout totals, max heart rate, and total time of your workout. It is a great motivator when working on weight loss since you have a visual reminder of how many calories you are expending.

At the end of class on Monday, our instructor told us her caloric burn. This is something I will definitely use tonight seeing I thought it was super motivating when you are sweaty and have just worked really hard! I teach this evening and am excited to use some of these new ideas, but also to be instructing and rocking to my music 🙂

Goal for today: Try to get your heart rate up! Whether it’s taking the stairs at work or going for a post dinner walk around the neighborhood, make it a point to get that heart pumping!

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