Ouch. My muscles hurt.

picture of me boxing (from last year).

After boxing for the first time in probably 2 months yesterday, it was no surprise to me that I woke up this morning feeling like I had slept on a board.

Basically(without getting too science-y), when you feel pain the day or two after endurance exercise, what is happening is your muscles are in repair after becoming “torn” during exercise. This damage to the muscle proteins must rebuild in order to create stronger muscles.

punches being thrown and dodged.  

Before, during and after. Make sure you have eaten a balanced meals throughout the day (if you are exercising at night) or at least taken in some sort of fuel (if you’re an AM exerciser). Protein, protein, protein…. I am sure you’ve heard all about these in shakes, smoothies, gels and bars. But the truth is protein can help recover you faster and aid in minimizing muscle soreness. The time (around 2hrs.) after your workout make sure to refuel that body with necessary intake for carbohydrates and protein. The reason most choose liquid form (shakes, smoothies) is because of it’s faster breakdown process.

So try it out for yourself. Workout. Refuel your body. Rest. Any more ouch? Probably less.

Great article about muscle soreness.

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