Tandem Tuesday: Buddy up!

You’re at the gym. You just finished your 30 min of cardio and you are looking into the strength room. Confused. Unmotivated. What should you do first? What order should I do it in? If I left right now I could still make it home to watch all two hours of the Bachelorette… no one would know!!

It’s time for you to grab a partner! 

Group exercise isn’t just for step classes and Zumba, you too can grab a friend and put together a workout that will challenge both of you! Start by finding a friend, co-worker, or even family member that might have similar fitness goals as you do. Pick a couple of days a week that you can meet either at the gym or even outdoors. Grab a piece of paper and jot down a couple different grouped exercises that you both can do in some sort of a circuit style. 

Tuesday Circuit: do each exercise set 3x. 
(Always make sure you are listening to your body and check with your doctor before beginning any new workout routine.) 
– Lunges (Body weight or added dumbbells/ Alternating legs 10x)
-Push Ups (Body weight/10x)

Cardio BLAST: 30 sec. Mountain Climbers, 30 sec. Squat Jumps
Hamstring Roll in (BW/12x)
Lat Pull down (Challenging weight for you/12x) 
Cardio BLAST: 1 min. Jumping Jax
Cable Cross (20lb./Alt.12x)
Bird/Dog (BW/Alt.12x)

Complete this in a circuit style all the way through. Doing activities such as this will motivate each other to workout and lead a healthier lifestyle! 

Enjoy and happy Tuesday! 

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