Steals & Deals

Let’s start at the beginning. I began trying out these crazy fitness fads using group coupons from various websites. If you haven’t tried these out YOU MUST! 

The list really goes on and on… It depends on the city you live in, but most have a ton of options for fun activities! 
Using sites like these to can buy you deals like 1/2 off boot camps, $20 for 5 yoga passes, or a day pass at a gym near you. I have bought passes for boxing classes, Bikram for 3-weeks all at a fraction of their real price. 
Of course these are not only for activities… you can get great deals on haircuts, spa treatments, dining and more. A great way to see the city on a budget and try new things and places. 
Also look at specific gyms/studios websites. Lots of times they will give promotional deals for the first month, OR mid week classes! Summer is a great time to try out all these fun offers. 
Find an activity that looks appealing. Give it a chance; go at least 3x. And hey, you never know, maybe it will turn into a fall fitness addiction. Won’t know til you try. 
So go ahead. 
Start searching for those steals and deals! 

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