Spinning through the week…

Hey guys! Happy HUMP day- half way through the week. Just keep swimming….
Or in my case…

Just keep Spinning.
It’s Wednesday and I am 3/4ths done with my spin classes for the week. Teaching this week has been fun. I’ve had faculty, students, staff and AMPs (a group of executive ed’s that come a few times a year for an 8-week intensive program). With these ranges of Spin experience and fitness levels, this week has been especially challenging.
Taught this mornings 6am class and was in need of some green fuel, so I decided to come home to some paradise in a glass.

Decided to use 1/2 a naner today since I had a small one before spin this morning.

Frothy goodness! 

Off to teach and train more! Let me know if you try this out or have any suggestions! 🙂

Races and rocks.

TGIF. Thank goodness.
This weekend I can finally say “hello fall”. Although the weather has become increasingly more humid and warm, I am burning the Autumn Leaves Yankee Candle and am craving a pumpkin late. Bye bye summer.
With fall come the urge to run outdoors. For me that’s gearing up for another season of training and road races come the spring. Different from years past, I will be training this winter for my very FIRST marathon… eek!
Terrifying, yes. Excited, YES!

So in true fall fashion I will be partaking in my first 5k in probably 4yrs. I am trying to run consistently (about 2x/week) so I’m not nervous. I love the atmosphere of races. The people, excitement, the free tshirt 🙂

Me after my half in May 🙂

Other events going on this weekend…. Rock climbing! I always try to find a deal through one of those bargain sites (buywithme, groupon, livingsocial, etc.) before paying full price for an activity. In this instance I was already planning on going to Metro Rock and then it came up on BuyWithMe! Lucky!!

Metro Rock

I have some climbing experience, but truthfully not a lot! I am super excited to try this out and see if I can climb with confidence.
Not afraid of heights. More afraid of being terrible.
Hopefully I will take some pics and post them this weekend 🙂

In the meantime, I think I will go make some GF pumpkin bread and/or cookies and accept the fact that I should go buy a Halloween costume.

Back to the mat

Today I faced my fears of failure and got back on the mat.
Today I tried Baptiste Yoga.

Baron Baptiste himself.

They were doing a promotion in my area for new students. I decided to take this challenge (much like I did for Bikram) and go as much as I can for 30 days. Somewhat like a 30 challenge, just not the crazzyy everyday thing. Honestly, I am not sure my work schedule would allow it.

90 min. Yeah. Not happening.
I really wanted to compare the two styles of hot yoga and see why each was popular in it’s own way. I am also trying to get back into yoga. I always remember how amazing I felt during the 3 weeks I was practicing Bikram. Yes it was time consuming. Majority of the time it is $ pricey (unless you find a Groupon of BuyWithMe deal). But it is always an unmatchable feeling when you are done. 
So here are some things I learned about Baptiste today at class: 
  • The class is laid back. Much more of a chill environment than Bikram. I ended up going to a “community class”. This is a class that is offered to the public for a discounted rate. In these classes they have teachers in training run the class. For this they had 3 TinT. Awesome. 
  • Cheaper. At this particular studio drop-in classes are $16. Bikram is $22. 
  • Cooler. Baptiste is held at 90*. Bikram is over 100*. It’s all relative. 
  • Atmosphere; music and mirrors. I entered the room and and immediately felt a difference in the atmosphere of the studio. No mirrors and this was playing on speakers above my head. Interesting and very unexpected. 
  • Bikram 26 poses, two times through. Baptise is more like yoga/power yoga. Relatable poses that I have done before. I felt that the personality of the instructors could really shine in this way 🙂 
Overall great experience! I would definitely recommend this practice to those who are interested in taking up hot yoga. Although a very different experience than Bikram, I thought it was a great into to this sort of exercise. 
Which ever you chose be prepared to sweat. It is inevitable. You will be dripping. Here are some great products that will allow for quick drying and look cute!
Lulu Gather Short
Shakti Activewear Sports Bra
Side string shorts are really popular as well… 

Go try it for yourself. Namaste.