A month in photos…

You know you haven’t blogged in a while when…

-Blogger changes its format.

-You don’t remember what your last post was about.

-People start asking if you still write a blog.

It’s been a month exactly. Between coaching and marathon training I have had no time to write down my thoughts let alone try new trends! So here are some of the things that have been trending in my life…

Celebrated my 25th birthday with a GF brownie courtesy of my friend, Dana. Ate gluten free for a while, felt minimal changes, went to the doctor, was told I should just eat gluten, have an appointment with a GI doctor next week.

More to come on that front. But the brownies were delicious 🙂

Purchased my first HBS apparel. My reasoning… it was hot out, I was wearing pants, I wanted to take my class outside and I wanted to tan my legs.

Now I own a new pair of shorts.

Broke in my marathon shoes. Enough said.

Bought myself flowers because if I could have fresh flowers 24/7 365 days a year I would. 
Stopped drinking caffeine for 7 days. Felt ok. Missed my coffee ritual. Started drinking it again, but felt confident I could stop being reliant on it if need be. 
Bought a new Lulu shirt. Obviously. In love with it. possible marathon fashion contender. 
My sister and me at Easter Brunch.
Had a great Easter with the family and reminisced over old photos.
Watched the Boston Marathon to gain motivation and inspiration. 
It worked. 
33 days. 
Just a glimpse into my past month. As spring is rapidly turning into summer and my four months of training will shortly come to an end.