5min Kettlebell Series!

Alright here it goes…

Quick Kettlebell WOD

Perform each exercise for 30sec, 2x through. Limit your rest time to only the break. These exercises can ALL be done with a dumb bell. So, no excuses. Try doing this series once a week and gradually build the weight as well as the time (try increasing 5-10sec each week).
 Remember to properly warm up to get that blood flowing and muscles warm.
  • Swing (1)
  • Overhead Press (Single arm) (2)
  • Goblet Squat (3)
  • Overhead Press (opposite arm)(4)
  • Russian Twist (on the mat or floor) (5)
**Break** (30-60sec)
2nd Set. GO!

*Remember to always consult with a doctor before beginning any new fitness regimen. Listen to your body, challenge yourself and have FUN!  
(4)-Repeat of 2, opposite arm

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