Sweating Pink.

Each day I wake up, place my feet on the floor, go to work and motivate individuals towards their fitness goals. It is my clients, participants, family and friends that inspire me to stay healthy and strong. I believe that a strong body builds a strong mind and that a healthy lifestyle forms a happier quality of life.
By moving your body and fueling it with natural, non-processed foods,  you are able to live each day to it’s full potential. So when I take my feet off the floor and crawl into bed at night, I know that I’ve provided my body with what it needs to thrive.
I myself am a marathoner, Spinner and high school women’s lacrosse coach. I personal train and teach group fitness classes because I love the feeling of helping others achieve their goals. There is truly no better feeling than helping someone else develop and discover their inner strengths. 
When you begin to surround yourself with others similar to you, in beliefs and values, you can gain so much. You begin to crave their knowledge and appreciate their passions. It is that creative, supportive atmosphere that drives individuals to success. 
With this sense of community I can challenge myself. I can push myself harder. I can know when to take a break. 
Most importantly I can look around and know I am part of a team that feels the same way I do. 
I am proud to Sweat Pink

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