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Hey guys, happy Monday! What better way to start the week than with a wrap up of some fun summer infused trends to try before summer runs out!

I decided it necessary to go back to my roots on this post. This blog originated with me trying out fitness fads and blogging about my experience. Although this summer has felt like it’s been pulled out from underneath me, I have got to try some pretty cool stuff!

Stand Up Paddleboarding. 
$ ($16-64/ hour or day.)
Back in the spring I tried stand up paddleboarding. This summer I ended up doing it twice more! Once down on the Cape and another along the Charles river. I can’t say enough good things about my Boston experience. All the managers I work with choice this as our annual summer outing.

Planking on SUP, of course 😉

Here are some fun perks to SUP
– The board is really large and stable. Unless you are in open ocean with tons of wakes, staying up on the board isn’t impossible.
– If you do fall, getting back up is easy breezy. Kneeling is always an option as well if you can’t seem to steady yourself.
– Core stabilization is the name of the game. When you’re up you need to stay upright and strong or you’ll tip over.

If you haven’t tried SUP, I would definitely recommend it. It’s a great summer activity and fun way to try a water “sport” no waved required.

Outdoor bootcamps. 
$$ (around $13/class)

Are you in?

This summer I decided to branch out of my comfort zone and hit up another gym. I like the idea of going in and no one knowing me or my profession. I can be a student and just do what I’m told. I love it. Great pros of bootcamps…
– They are offered at many different locations and for a multitude of price points. If you live in Boston, here are some great ones! Ultimate Bootcamp, Beantown Bootcamp, Boston Bootcamp, CAC Bootcamp, just to name a few…
– Getting outside is amazeballs. If you live in a location like me, you must take advantage of this limited nice weather! What better way to sweat it out than in the outdoors.

Road Races. 
$$$ ($25-100 depending on the distance)

What a better way to spend your Sunday than working out for a cause you believe in?? Make this the year you commit running a road race! Whether it’s a fun run, 5k or even a half marathon, races are a great way to meet new people while getting that heart rate up. Here’s some basic steps to finding and prepping for a road race this summer…

  • What do you believe in? Find a cause that means something to you. Recruit friends, family or even co-workers to join in on the fun! 
  • Research and find your race. Sites such as Active.comRunnning in the USA and Running My Races are great places to begin your search. 
  • Train. Make sure you’re giving yourself ample time to train for this race. Especially if you are not a runner; make yourself a running calender. 
  • Buy a new outfit! Ok… maybe this isn’t crucial, but it definitely helps motivate you towards that start line. 
  • Lace up those sneaks! On the day of the race make sure you have the essentials; pins for your bib, water, music if you’d like. 
  • Have fun!! 
So what are you waiting for?? Get out there and try one of these trends that sparks your interest. It seems to me though, that these 3 are no passing fad but instead fun activities that can be enjoyed next year as well. 
Be on the lookout for the Fall Trend Report where I’ll go to trapeze school, try out an adventure race and maybe take another whack at Zumba (don’t worry, no videos!). 

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