Outdoor options: Discover YOUR city!

It’s Sunday! And over here that means a few things…

Batch cooking.
And more football.

Today is a different kinda Sunday though. In true autumn spirit we are going apple picking AND wine tasting. Yup. You heard that correct. Of the many orchard options in the burbs of Boston, there is one that has won my heart. Nashoba Valley Winery is both a pick-your-own as well as a vineyard. With unique blends like plum, Baldwin apple or blueberry Merlot, how can you go wrong?

Where did this week September go? It’s starting to get colder here; the leaves are beginning to change. With fall making it’s debut, I thought I’d compile some pictures from the week as well as a great outdoor workout options!

If you live in a colder climate like myself, you know there are not many more months left of being active outside. So go do it now before we are stuck indoors for the next 6 months! Check your local city/town’s web page for park locations, high school tracks and stadiums. If you’re a Bostonian like myself here are some local hot spots to check out…

Harvard track- Great for speed improvement!

Recent tracks I’m loving…. 

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Happy Sunday FUNday 🙂

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