Spicin’ up my life.

Meal planning when I’m busy stresses me out.

I’m sure I am not alone on this one.

When you’ve been up since 5am. Worked a full day. Come home sweaty, tired and hungry. The last thing I want to do is think about putting together a dinner. Luckily at this point in my life my mouth is the only one I need to feed. (And good thing! Poor soul would be having cereal nightly!) I don’t feel like this is any easier when my tummy is rumbling and I’m elbow deep in the fridge.

To top it all off, I love to cook and bake!! So in reality this should be a relaxing, joyous moment where creative thoughts hit the pan and simmer until thoroughly cooked. 

When I am in this rush, I tend to throw a lot of similar ingredients into the pan. So shockingly all my suppers end up tasting, um, the same. Blah.

Until last night. I had a revelation. Garlic. Summer squash. Kale. And spicy sausage. Oh my!

This quick and simple meal made with whole, local or organic ingredients tasted amazing! And not like meals I’ve made before. It had depth, spice, texture and most importantly kept me full (without feeling stuffed!).

Oh ya, and the kale is balancing out the pizza I ate last weekend. At 2am.

Spicy Sausage and Kale Marinara
Serves 2
1 TBSP Coconut Oil
1 Large clove of garlic
1/2 C Summer squash (find local, if can!)
2 Spicy Italian Sausage Links (mine were Trader Joe’s brand… GF!)
1 C Kale (I used the frozen selection from TJ. If using raw, add a few more hand fulls.)
1 Med/Lg Organic sweet potato
3/4 C Marinara sauce (Again, TJ brand. They have all my money.)
Season with salt and pepper if desired. 

Organic Late July Chips for dipping! 
In a skillet begin by heating the coco oil over medium heat. Coconut oil is a fantastic replacement for EVOO and has the ability to cook meats at a perfect temperature. Add the chopped garlic stir as to not let it burn. Add the summer squash and let brown up a bit (4-5min). Add the sausages. I cut mine length wise to create more even heating. These bad boys are already fully cooked, so you are simply heating them up. Once those are brown on either side, add the kale, stir and cover. 
In the meantime, cook the sweet potato. I prefer to nuke it in the microwave (make sure you poke holes in it and wrap it in a paper towel). Chop it up and toss it into the skillet. Add marinara. Stir.
Ta DA!
And if you will eat anything you can dip, scoop or dunk add the chips 🙂 Need a little more somethin’ somethin’? Add penne pasta! It’s meals like this that makes coming home and cooking a lot more fun.
I promise. 

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