Pumpkin Detox.

When you are a toddler Halloween becomes synonymous with characters, candy and jack-o-lanterns. Your parents dress you up as an animal and you are continuously cooed at. The shear number of photos taken could make up an entire library.

Pets in outfits are pretty darn cute too!

When you are in high school it becomes a game of how much longer you can get away with looking “young enough” to go trick or treating, while wearing a thrown together costume that cost you $0. And you switched from a small tote to a pillowcase to hold your candy. Truly a transitional year.

When you are in college Halloween turns into an excuse to be a complete fool for one whole day. Heavy on the beer consumption, light on the costume fabric. It’s a time to be creative without spending a lot of cash-o-la. Cause let’s be real, you don’t have it.

Bumble Bees 2009

When you become an adult (for the sake of this post we’ll say post collegiate years), the expectations increase to think of something unique, clever and comical. The “holiday” itself becomes more expensive; your childrens’ costumes, candy to hand out, babysitter for your own party. The flip cup games turn to silent auctions and bag of chips to stuffed mushrooms.

By the time Halloween night actually occurs, you’re probably already over it. The candle in your pumpkin hasn’t even died down and you’re already planning your Thanksgiving meal.

For me, Halloween isn’t my favorite “holiday”. I love fall and have pretty much exhausted the squash known as pumpkin. If I see another pumpkin-whatever, I may puke.

So bring on the pine scent, garland and cranberries! It’s time for me to overindulge in the aromas of winter. But let’s keep it light on the snow, eh Mother Nature? I don’t actually want to dig my car out everyday.


Taking a Leap.

This weekend I vowed to complete my fall to do list.

Buy lots of spice scented candles. Check!

Go apple picking. Check!

Bake lots of fun fall inspired treats. Check!

Carve pumpkins. Check!

I also managed to squeeze in some time to be trendy by running a fantastic 5k with three awesome friends AND go take a trapeze lesson!!

The 5k was in South Boston and was to benefit the Mt. Washington Charitable Foundation. It was a much smaller race than ones I’ve done in the past, but was well put together with plenty of parking, snacks and (as most runners know most importantly) bathrooms 🙂

It was a gorgeous fall day here in Beantown so waking up and running was something I was really looking forward to!

I challenged myself to beat my 10k split time of 8:10 min/mi. Now, now, now. I am NOT a fast runner. Never have been, thought I never would be. I ran my marathon in 5:05 and was damn proud of it. Wasn’t trying to make a certain time, just wanted to survive. Now that I am running smaller races, I am trying to get faster and/or try and maintain a faster pace with each one. 
Courtney, Dana, me and Moe!
So far I’ve run 3 races since my marathon. The Falmouth 7mi (1:04), Tufts 10k(00:52) and this 5k(00:23:30). I’ve been really proud of my pace and am looking forward to improving through speed work and conditioning! 
And then, cause this is SO normal, a couple friends and I decided to use this Groupon we’d had for ages! I’m talking since last year. Trapezing. Let me just say, it’s not as easy as it looks. Actually, it’s terrifying! We went to TSNY Beantown for our lesson. It was in Reading, MA, so not a far drive from the city. 
I forgot how much we paid for our Groupon, but it couldn’t have been more than $30. For 2hrs of flying, this is such a great deal!! They teach you everything from safety to basic swings, backflips and catches. 
I am not one to be super afraid of heights. I’ve always wanted to go skydiving, I don’t mind roller coasters. But when you are hoovering over the side of a platform, harnessed in, with a strangers hand holding onto your pants, I got some butterflies. First jump they wanted you to practice bringing your legs up on top of the bar and letting go of your hands. Then grabbing the bar, releasing your legs through and landing on your bum. 
Second/third jumps were focused more on the back flip. Three instructors were there to support, give guidance and assist you in anyway you needed. When I finally attempted the backflip I had soooo much momentum I ended up doing a double! 
Fourth and fifth jumps were the catch! One of the instructors climbed to a bar on the other side of the “cage”. Since this was mostly based on timing, I was nervous I wouldn’t get my legs onto the bar fast enough and would lose the catch and land on my face. 
First attempt at the catch…. Success! 
Second attempt… Success!!

I got to fly a total of 5x which I was very pleased with. By the end my hamstrings, calves and grip was sore. I also got a bit of rope burn on my palm when I landed.

So here’s the breakdown:
Flying Trapeze (* – ***** low-high)
Cost *-** (depends on if you get it through a group coupon site)
Difficulty ***
Parking *****
Noise/Distractions *****
Instructor Knowledge *****
Safety *****

If you get the chance to try this out, I highly recommend it! Although you may not see me up there hanging out, I like that I got a chance to try it out. I reaching out of my comfort zone, took a leap and tried something new.

Have you ever tried the trapeze? If so, did you like it? If not, what’s stopping you from trying?


The Great Sports Bra Debate

So I am a big believer in not posting until I feel I have something good to say.

I mean, if I don’t think it’s interesting, helpful or inspiring, why would anyone want to read it?

This week has been one of those full of clients, meetings and classes. I literally feel like I didn’t take a breath until my head hit the pillow last night.

I was really torn this week about what to post about. I wanted it to just come to me; that imaginary thought bubble popping up above my head.

And guess what? It did. Not at the most opportune time, and maybe not what I expected to write about but here we go….

I was training on Monday with my trainer. Yes, I have a trainer. Trainers need trainers too! The program was great. Some box jumps, wall balls, jump roping, pull ups, dead lifts; lots of bouncing around.

Do you see where I am going with this?

It was then and there that I realized, shoot, really wish I had worn a different sports bra. Too late now.

This lead me to think about the great sports bra debate. Thick straps, thin straps, padding, underwire, tight, “v” neck, razorback… the possibilities are endless. I’m the kind of gal that will find one that works well and buy 50. In an array of colors of course 😉 I like when my products work, and I think when you’re working out this is something that shouldn’t be on your mind. Your focus should be on your body and what you are trying to execute.

Meant for Spin! Very cool. Source

The kicker about my session on Monday was that it was a new SB. I had just bought it from Target and was in love when I tried it on at the store. Clearly I wasn’t box jumping in the dressing room!


Whether it’s Champion or Lulu, UA or Reebok, finding a SB that’s right for you and what you do is key. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to keep your ta tas in check.

How do you find your right fit? What’s your favorite brand to exercise in?