Body Weight Wednesday!

Welcome to Workout Wednesday. You’re half way through the week… Whoop whoop! No better time to kick up the intensity of those sessions than NOW.

No more elliptical bunnies here.

Let’s aim for 2-3 sets, 10-12 reps each.

What you’ll need:
– YOURSELF! That’s it. This is a no excuse, total body circuit.

Plank variation (center, side, side)

Body Weight Squat Source

Body weight squats

Single leg RDLs
Push ups
Mountain climbers

Atomic sit ups
Reverse crunches

Bird/Dog Source

These series are based on a NASM platform of training; stability , strength and power. Of course you can always makes these more challenging by adding in dumbbells or kettle bells!

** Please remember it is important to check with a doctor before beginning any new workout regimen. 

Now let’s get moving!!

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