Bullying and body types.

The other day I was on Facebook and one of my really great friends wrote the following as her status:

My favorite thing for people to say to me: “Considering how much you workout and run, I’m surprised you’re not a lot skinnier.” Thanks, let me know how you really feel.

My friend is an avid runner. She has completed a marathon, triathlon and countless races. She is a Spinning instructor as well as a overall wellness enthusiast.
Oh yea. And she’s a Clinical Dietitian at a hospital in Florida.
Well, after I saw this comment I knew I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I proceeded to comment on her status by saying,
Whatever. They’re just jealous cause you’re blond. I mean, we do have more fun.

Now go run 26.2. Betcha they can’t 😉
Although I was being humorous, I did have a point. I also found it ironic that October is also Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.
What does the perfect body look like? Who sets this standard? If you’re a runner does that mean you need to look like you just won the Boston Marathon? Or should the standard be set by ourselves, how we feel and how our own body functions.
Working in the fitness environment daily I wonder…
Just because my biceps aren’t rippling and my bum might have that protective layer, that shouldn’t take away from all I’ve accomplished.
I messaged my friend immediately after reading this post. After asking her if I could use this as inspiration, she responded,
I guess as an avid running and also being a dietitian, I am well aware of body issues women/girls are faced with every day, so it boggles my mind people have the guts and find the need to say these things. Do they really get us anywhere? I have crossed a lot of finish lines in my life from whether it was in a high school track meet, a college cross country meet, a marathon or a triathlon and I’m only getting started. People like this just make me want to push myself harder. In 50 years I think I’ll be more proud of my finisher awards than what the scale said when I was 26 years old.
I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂
Along the same lines, I saw this on the Today Show yesterday morning…
What are your thoughts?

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