In with the new…

September is over. So is the look of my old blog! If you are a frequent TTTer you’ll notice some changes around here. ALL good! Now it’ll be easier to find recipes and workouts, trend reviews and contact me. It’s a work in progress so work with me 😉 
But for now I thought it’d be nice to quit my chattin’ for a moment and illustrate the last month of my life in photos… 
Baxter, my love. 

Purple pea. Last bathing suit day of the year?

My lil’ pumpkin. 

Doing a snatch. Or attempting one anyways…

So much love. 

Wanna hold hands?

Fantastic product! Great all natural FOOD, not supplement. 

In life, there’s always room for a cupcake. 

My house smells like a Yankee Candle. 

Morning obsession.

What did your September look like? Did it include 1/2 the amount of pumpkin themes mine did 😉 ? 

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