Not my cup of tea…

Ever been to a class where right away you don’t like the instructor? Like, really don’t relate to this person. Don’t connect with them. Continue to be distracted because they’re not grasping your attention.

That was me. Yesterday in yoga. 90 minutes of distracted, non-flowing poses.

As an instructor, I like to attend others classes when I can. I find that challenging myself with others techniques and styles makes me a better instructor. I learn valuable lessons when I am a student and not a teacher. I have become very open to many different class structures.

So, although I don’t teach yoga, I do know what I like. And now, what I don’t like.

I like there to be consistency and some sort of rhythm to my practice. I believe good communication is key. I need to be able to visualize the pose without having to strain my neck to look at you. I need your voice to be a platform for my spiritual journey and your instruction to be supportive.

Personally, I enjoy the adjustments. Yoga is something I don’t do often enough and therefore tend to ruin some poses with my positioning. Although voice direction is helpful, a simple touch and applied pressure can change my entire being.

Trying out new instructors is great! It will help you find the one that really speaks to you. So even though yesterday I felt myself staring at the clock more than my third eye, I will continue to find the teacher whose practice is for me. And so should you.



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