So as most of you know I recently became an ambassador for a fabulous company called Bits of Health. I love love love their product, Energy Bits. They are a grassroots company started and currently based out of Boston.


It has seriously been the only way I’ve made it through some days where I was training back to back and teaching up the yang. They are the most highly dense form of protein available, around 60-70% per serving. Not to mention it’s the ONLY vitamin you’ll need containing everything from Biotin (growing my hair lonnggg!) to vitamins and minerals.

Boo YA. 

Once an ambassador for their company, I began connecting with their brand reps frequently via twitter and Facebook. I would tag them in posts, participate in twitter chats and email with the reps themselves. Last week I was able to connect via email with the founder and CEO, Catherine Arnston. She was incredibly kind, enthusiastic and clearly passionate about her work. Very soon after this email conversation I was invited by her team to attend the Tech Cocktail event. They wanted me to go as a brand ambassador as well as to check out the event!

Done and done.

I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew there were going to be a lot of networking opportunities. I knew there were going to be many Boston Start ups pitching their brands. But how could this effect me; little ole Trendy Trainer? The start ups that participated were everything from educational to iPhone apps. Again, I asked myself, “Healthy living blogger? I’m not a start up.”
I am as much a brand as someone who has a physical product. Events such as these teach you that what you do is important. What you can offer is valuable. Networking is key.

Catherine was one of the speakers at this event and it was amazing to hear her story. From how she was inspired to how she organized her vision. She is an excellent example of how you must must must follow your passion.

The second speaker was Chase Garbiano, CEO and co-founder of Streetwise Media.

Let us remember, my main purpose of going was to represent Energy Bits, I had no idea I was going to be surrounded by such talented and driven individuals.

Just sayin’. Attend events such as these and I promise the enthusiasm is tangible.

Back to Chase. His presentation was a knock out. Much more relaxed than Catherines; no notes and his ability to engage the audience, fantastic. This is not to say he doesn’t no what he’s talking about. On the contrary. His passion was expressed through the elegant conjunction of comedy, confidence and intelligence.

The speeches were useful. The event, exciting. But again, how does this help you? Me? The Trendy Trainer? Networking. If you are looking to put yourself out there more, recognize yourself as a brand.

You’ve already done the hardest part; you’ve found your passion. Some people live their whole lives not knowing what that feels like. Now you must show others what you are capable of, what you can offer them.

Invest in business cards. Tweet companies. Go to events. Log the hours. Don’t give up.

If it is your passion, make it happen. The opportunities are endless.

Think hard, work harder.

No excuses.


What is your passion? Have you ever thought of starting your own company? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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