Warm Weekend WOD

I’m all about being outdoors.

I love to run, take walks, go to sporting events and even take the occasional hike.

I look forward to BBQs at friends houses, beach days and more daylight. 

Heck. I went to Florida for college so that I could spend all 10 months outdoors!

So it’s a funny thing to think I moved back to Boston after graduation where we can comfortably be outside for about 6 5 4 3 months of the year.

Then there are these rare occasions in the winter months when the temperature rises. We begin to get a false sense that spring is near. Thanks for that Mother Nature.

My advice. Take advantage of these days!! Get outdoors and soak up that vitamin D. Whether you’re walking the dog or riding your bike.

For Boston, that will be this weekend… 55*.

Is it too early for flip flops?

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