Vacation Circuit

If you read my last post you know I am on vacation!!!

Sunny California.

Yup. Staying far from Nemo and the north east.

Yesterday, I decided to wake up and try out a vacation circuit that I came up with. All you’ll need is a hill (gradual or steep) and yourself!

Me and the hill 🙂

Sprints and Strength Circuit
2 sets. 30ish min. 
Hill Sprints x5
Walking Lunges x12
Push Ups x12
“Stair” Box Jumps x10
**If the hill is steep, aim for 3-5x each set. If it is long and gradual, 5-8x. 
**Box jumps on stairs: Find a stair case. Jump up them landing lightly on those feet!
Rest 1min. Repeat once more. Done. 
I finished this in 30ish minutes. It didn’t impose on my day and made me feel energized and awake. My heart rate was definitely up and man are my glutes are sore today! 
Try it out for yourself and leave a comment letting me know how it goes! 
The best part… 
you don’t even have to be on vacation to do this workout. 
Do you work out while on vacation? If so, what kind of stuff do YOU do?

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