Workout Inspirations!

This past week has been a rollercoaster of trying to find time for my OWN fitness. Not teaching a class, not training another… But time and desire to program for myself.

I was feeling a little stuck. Stale. Needing some inspiration.

So I took to blogs, classes and fitness friends.

Wednesday I was inspired by Jen to perform some barbell complexes. I loved how not only did she explain the purpose behind complexes, but also gave examples and videos! Score! I decided on the following complex…

Conventional deadlifts x 5
Bent over rows x 5
Hang clean x 5
Front squats x 5
Split jerk x 6
Repeat 3 – 6 times

It felt great! I started with the bar and then with each set I added 5lbs. I finished 6 sets. Smoked.

Thursday the first (with many more to come) meeting of the minds took place. Moe, Dana and I set up shop in the gym, broke out the sled and started playing around. They had gone to a NSCA workshop last weekend dedicated to the sled. From pulls and rows to squats and rotations, I was blown away by the vast amount of variations there are with one piece of equipment.


Saturday I decided to attend a TRX/Kettlebell class! I absolutely love taking other classes because not only does it give me inspiration in my own workout, but also in my own classes. This class is offered at AE Crossfit in Woburn, although this class is NOT a Crossfit class. Yesterday we did the following circuit to begin…

KB Goblet Squats x10
Overhead Press x10
TRX Row x10
TRX Tricep Extension x10
200M run
Repeat 5x
I really pushed myself during 200M, which I turned into sprints. Although I felt tired afterwards, I was energized and motivated again. 
Bottom line: If you are feeling uninspired, unmotivated and stuck in a workout rut, GET out there! Read blogs or articles or take a class. Do what makes YOU stay active. What interests YOU. You’ll get a lot more back then you expected. And most importantly, you’ll be educating yourself and practicing a healthy lifestyle.
Have you ever felt bored in your workout routine? What did you do to get out of it? 


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