The harsh reality of non-spandex pants.

It’s that time of year again.

The buds start blooming, birds have a more prominent chirp and everyone is out enjoying the gorgeous transition into spring.

And oh ya, my pants feel snug. 

Let me begin by saying I never weigh myself. I honestly think the last time I did was in September. And I think I was disappointed then too. As my best friend put is so fittingly, “I just go by how my jeans feel.” Welp, since 99.9% of the time I am sporting yoga pants, I never seem to face the harsh reality of non-spandex pants.

I’ll chalk that up as a pro and con to my profession.

I believe I am a relatively healthy eater and avid exerciser. I teach multiple spin classes a week and strength train as well. But, just because I am in the fitness industry doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a glass of wine (or sometimes more). It also doesn’t mean I push myself in the gym as much as I push my clients.

Nutrition and exercise; these are two very important parts to fitting into those jeans. It’s so important to recognize that you must change it up! If you’ve been doing the same exercise routine for months and are not seeing results, change it up! If you’ve been cooking, grilling or steaming the same foods, change it up!

After I read that both of my good friends, Jamie and Melanie, were facing the same post winter weight that I did, I felt inspired. So I took to my calendar; documented my workouts for the week at the bottom of my At-A-Glance. As for nutrition I am trying to keep it to gluten-free (for my belly), limited weekday drinking (unnecessary!) and limited sweets. All the while I am trying to log it into My Fitness Pal.

Please keep in mind I am in no way beating myself up over this. I am choosing to eat clean and train harder and differently.

Because I really want to feel good.

And also, I really like my jeans.

 Did you experience any winter weight gain? How do you take it off for summer? 

A dedication.

This week has definitely been unlike any other. Living in the city where all these events are taking place is surreal. I feel anxious and scared. Yet under it all there is a sense of strength. This city faced fear head on and through it became a united front. Neighbors checking in on each other, children setting up lemonade stands with profits going to The One Fund.

Next weekend I am doing my part by running in a 5k in South Boston to raise money for victims involved in this unthinkable tragedy. The course is gorgeous and wraps around Castle Island; a perfect place to reflect and be thankful.

Before all of the chaos on Monday I was actually up at the 13.1 mile marker in Wellsley. I was able to capture some amazing moments that I have yet to share…

Those signs were amazing!!
“Run now, beer later”
“Your perspiration is my inspiration”
“GO random stranger”


As Monday approaches and we strive for normalcy and routine, we remember those who were injured, lost their lives and all the families affected.

To our men and women in uniform, I thank you.

You are our heroes, our angels, our brick walls.

You allow us to feel safe in this city we call home.

And for that, I am eternally grateful.