Routines and Ruts.

Well, this week threw me some curve balls I didn’t expect.

With these unexpected events, it left me thinking about planning workouts and being flexible.

Maybe you go to the same step class every Saturday morning. You love the instructor; know him or her by name. You’ve got other friends in the class. You claim the same floor spot week to week. It’s your routine.

But suddenly this week is different. Something comes up and you no longer can attend this class. Your plan is no longer. Do you throw away all your drive and motivation? No. You reach outside your comfort zone and work with what you’ve got.

In this moment you are not only challenging your mind to a new routine, but your muscles to new exercises. Replace that step class every other week with a conditioning class, yoga or Zumba! You will not only see your body beginning to change, but also your mental state. You could be unexpectedly getting yourself out of a workout rut or plateau.

Both body and mind have memories. Keep them guessing.

You never know, that curve ball that made you miss step could be just the push you need. Fall out of that routine. Don’t make an excuse. Try something new. Challenge your body.

Have you ever had to miss a planned workout because of a scheduling conflict? What did you do?


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