Day 3: Communicative Coaching

Sunday began with my final trek down to Providence, RI. I have to say I was starting to get the hang of taking the train and Amtrak, and I didn’t hate it! Honestly, it was very relaxing to not be stuck in traffic or worry about parking.

Both of which are the bain of my existence. 
Our last day held the opportunity for 3 sessions. 
8AM: Todd Wright Coach It Up Or Let It Happen
I decided to attend this lecture for a few reasons. First and foremost, motivation plays a key role in being a personal trainer. Yes, of course knowledge is crucial, but your ability to communicate with your clients is huge! Wright’s description on this lecture touched on how you do more than count reps, you are helping transform their lives
Wright is the director of Basketball Strength and Conditioning at the University of Texas, Austin. With over 14 years of collegiate level coaching under his belt, Wright gave lots of wise advice on communicating.

With new techniques on how to motivate and inspire my clients, I moved onto session 2 of the day…

9:30AM Guido Van Ryssegem Overcoming the Myth of Proprioceptive Training
In this Hands On, Van Ryssegem broke down the bodies ability to stabilize and balance. We all stood around shoes off and practiced different balancing skills with our eyes shut. After much realization that that is the first thing to go as we age, it became apparent to me that I rarely work on balance with my clients.

This is something so important to practice. No it’s not going to get you working up the biggest sweat or lose the most inches from your waist. It WILL however, save you from breaking a bone when you slip on a patch of ice.

Van Ryssegem is the Clinical Athletic Trainer at Oregon State University. With publications in numerous journals, Van Ryssegem seemed very passionate about his work and ideas. All in all, it was a fun session that allowed me to recognize some of the missing links from my programming.

11AM Eric Cressey Understanding and Managing Congenital Laxity
When I first saw the line up for PBTS, I have to say I was jazzed about seeing Cressey speak. He’s certainly a household name for PTs and has all the credentials to back it up. Cressey is the owner of Cressey Performance, located just outside of Boston. He has worked with Olympic level athletes and pro baseball players.

His lecture was based on training clients with congenital laxity, or loose joints. Individuals that deal with this are at more risk for certain injuries. It is always best to be safe and assess clients before working with them. But what about group classes? Bootcamps? All of these people are getting the same level of programming. Cressey explained how to safely train in these conditions and make progressions in their performance.

And that’s all she wrote!! 

I bolted out of there at grabbed a 12:45PM train back to Boston. There were tons of people still hanging out in lobby mingling, yet I really wanted to get home and organize my life before work started on Monday.

So I realize for some these seminar posts were boring. Listen, if I weren’t a fitness professional, I’d probably say “skip” and move on to the next blog or article. But, I have to say, these presenters were pretty darn cool. From coaching famous athletes to inventing tools we use in the gym daily, everyday I learned a cra-cra amount of information. Now, I’m looking forward to applying it with all my clients, and heck MYSELF!

Let’s just hope that this fitness/motivational/inspiring honeymoon phase lasts 🙂


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