Man with a plan (Or not).

You walk into the gym. Water bottle in hand and iPod plugged in. You’re pumped up to workout. But one small problem…

You have no idea what you’re going to do.

You become distracted by flashing TVs, loud music and grunting individuals. With all the equipment at your disposal, it’s no wonder you don’t know where to begin.

Sound familiar? 

Well, you’re certainly not alone. I was inspired to write this post on Friday as I was working my shift at the gym. Two guys, who I assume met up there to workout together, came in chatting about sports. While one was un-Velcroing his lifting gloves, (post for another day) they began asking each other what they were going to do for their lift.

After choosing about 15 different chest exercises, all of which machines, they proceeded to alternate between a few different upper body push movements.

Chest press. Shoulder press. Repeat. 

No rhyme, no reason.

It got me to thinking about programing for yourself. If you’ve ever been to a grocery store without a list or Target without a plan you ultimately buy more than you expected. You’re far less organized and more sporadic with your purchases. Same goes for your workout.

There are many different programming options:
Superset: two exercises performed in a row with no rest in between. 
Compoundmovements that require more than 1 joint and more than 1 muscle group.
Upper/Lower split: working only upper body one day then lower body the next. 
A/B Splits: Same idea as U/L, but doing one set of exercises one day (A), rest, then different set (B) the next. 
Circuit: Probably the most popular! Choose exercises and go through them all multiple times. 

Push/Pull: Same concept as A/B, but now workouts are broken yup into push and pull movements. i.e.        A: Push- Bench press, Squat, Over head press
 B: Pull- Dead lift, Row, Lat. pull down

Whether you decide to program for yourself, hire a personal trainer or attend group classes…

MAKE A PLAN. Stick with it for 4 weeks. And then switch it up! 

Creating a goal and program that your body will thank you for? Now that’s smart. Going to Target without a list. Dumb. 

And very expensive. 


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