Strawberry Vinaigrette

Last weekend I went to the Davis Square farmers market and bought a boat load of lettuce.

After a weekend of indulgence, Yes I do it too, all I wanted was to load my system with greens.

After getting it home, I realized I had about 634,056 bottles of salad dressing and not one enticed me.

Problem #1.

So I did what any savvy blogger would do and went to my trusty foodies and searched for recipes.

Jessica is not the first person I would necessarily go to for a salad dressing recipe. But guess what? It’s flipping amazing! Definitely the best summer-y stuff you can whip up.


I modified hers a little since I didn’t have apple cider vinegar, I used white wine vinegar. Thank you Jessica for yet again an amazing recipe! 

** Still trying to modify this picture so it will fit the frame.


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