My 4th in Photos.

I’ve had the past 4 days off.

There was a lot of time spent with friends. 
Lots of sun and sunscreen. 
Roofdeck parties and firework spectaculars!
One kick butt studio review (COMING!) 
The Studio Empower, Newton, MA

Enough brewskies and burgers to feed and hydrate all 🙂

Lots of gymnastics. And yoga poses. And more cartwheels. 
Some sweet treats. 
One HUGE flea market. 
And a couple of cute finds. 
All in all, it was the most relaxing weekend I’ve had in a while. Thank you to ALL my amazing friends who I got to share it with. Love youuuu xo 
How did YOU spend your 4th? Family? Friends? Let’s chat it up! 🙂

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