5 Trendy Health Foods.

My first guest, Alicia, reached out to me about writing something for TTT that was related to healthy and trendy foods! Alicia Lawrence is a freelance writer for Xtrema cookware and blogs in her free time at MarCom Land. Her articles have been published by Her Fitness Hut, Examiner.com, and Ask Miss A. Thanks Alicia for guest posting 🙂 


Top 5 Trendy Health Foods

Some people have always been picky eaters, only wanting the healthiest foods in their diet. Others are dipping their toes into the good nutrition pool for the very first time. No matter where you may find yourself, the story is the same: Trying to find the best possible foods to maximize positive health results.
It’s a cut throat list with foods being pandered and slandered almost within the same breath. But rest assured that there

areperennially recommended health foods. These top contenders are given in no specific order, but should definitely make their way to the top of your shopping list.

Would you believe that sardines are not only considered a superfood, but is a heavy-weight contender for “healthiest food on the planet”? These salty little fish are packed with vitamins and nutrients/ If you’re looking to forgo dairy products but worry about your bone health, sardines are an excellent replacement. It is rich in Vitamin D and phosphorus. Both of which are essential in promoting bone health. Don’t think the only way you can get the most out of this fish by eating them raw from the can. Try this gluten-free Fisherman’s Eggs recipe along with a number of other fun alternatives.
Hemp seeds, despite previous negative connotations, have shown that in the end, the truth will out. The truth is that this is one of the best foods you could possibly add to your diet. This food is chalk full of protein, necessary for building healthy cells and promoting cardiovascular development. It’s great for improved heart and brain function because of an abundance of Omega fatty acids. It also gives you all your amino acids, essential to the body and a number of which we cannot naturally produce ourselves. One of the simplest ways to enjoy the benefits of hemp seeds in your diet is to create hemp milkyourself. It also works as part of a salad made of grated carrot and celery root.

Perhaps spinach is one of those foods that was known as “super” for all the wrong reasons. Little children would watch a cartoon sailor eat a can and then engage in impossible feats of strength. What followed was they would no doubt beg their mothers for a can so they could try and lift the house. But while spinach can’t provide superhuman strength, it can benefit you in other ways.
Spinach consumption helps promote eye health and is one of the most effective foods in the fight to prevent developing cancer. Spinach is high in potassium, which helps promote a healthy heart. It’s also rich in fiber. Spinach contains a good amount of Vitamin C when eaten raw. However, overcooking it can cause most of it to be lost. Still, cooked garlic has loads of benefits and potential. Try a bit with sesame and garlic.
Pronounced “KEEN-wah”, this grain is THE new health food darling on the scene. Quinoa is believed to help reduce blood pressure and combat diabetes. It’s also said to relieve constipation. This food also contains lysine, which is actually used in the preventing and treating of cold sores. One major to get on board with this grain? A number of people looking for a gluten-free substitute to wheat claims it has helped them feel better and lose weight! If you’re looking to shed inches, perhaps some delicious quinoa tabbouleh.

The apple is often overlooked by those looking for the latest popular health foods. It’s been around so long, familiarity has made it drab. But there’s a reason one a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are one of the best possible sources of fiber. The skin alone will keep your digestion on track. In addition, apple juice is said to prevent Alzheimer’s and keep the brain optimally functioning. Instead of reaching for a slice of apple pie, try Apple Tarte Tatin as a tasty and less guilty alternative.                                                                          

My must haves for HLS & a packing list.

As many of you know I am part of an amazing community of bloggers from from all over the world! Last year I got introduced to this family by attending the Healthy Living Summit. Prior to the summit I was relatively inconsistent when it came to TTT. Also, let’s face it between training clients, teaching classes and coaching lacrosse I had very little free time.

Being that it was held in Boston last year I figured, heck… why not? Little did I know how much it would actually change my life, friendships, blog and possible career options.

Since I was in my hometown last year, if I forgot anything mid-summit, I was lucky enough to just run home and grab it. This year I am headed to Minneapolis, MN for the big weekend and therefore I need to pack smart!

So with my Target list growing strong, I’ve decided to help out my fellow bloggers with a list of all things trendy (and practical!) for this years HLS 🙂

– workout apparel! Basically my entire wardrobe. I would bring multiple layers, those conference rooms get chhillllyyyyyy.
– sneakers.
– a cute day outfit. Something fall-y perhaps? Sweater and shorts, jeans and cute flats.
– a cocktail dress! Must be stylin’ at as we wine and dine and meet each other 🙂

– BUSINESS CARDS. I can’t stress this enough.
– iPad, laptop or good ‘ole fashion pen and paper. There’s so much to take notes on!
– cords for all those electronics.

–  packable individually wrapped almond packs and Kind bars.
– crystal light packets and stevia packets.
– hand sanitizer or wipes

Well, those are the biggies! Comment away if you think I forgot anything important!! 🙂


Little Miss Sunshine. Award.

The other day as I was reading up on my lovely Blog Lovin’, I came across my amazing friend Melanie’s blog, Beautifully Nutty. And guess what I found…

She nominated me for the Sunshine Award 🙂 This award is given to those that inspire and bring
‘sunshine’ into their readers lives!

I feel so blessed that y’all read TTT… It’s my pleasure to shine some sunshine onto your days.

Love her.


  1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog.
  2. Link to the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award.

So here are the questions she gave us to answer…

1. What would you choose for your last meal ever?
Almond butter smothered over toast with bananas. Or anything really. I love nut butter. 
That’s probably one reason why Mel and I are such good friends. 

2. If you could only drink one beverage besides water for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Polar Seltzer. In a glass with ice and a straw. And a lime or lemon. 

3. Milk or Dark Chocolate?
Dark choco all the wayyy

4. Morning exerciser, afternoon, or evening?
I love working out in the AM when I participate in classes, when I teach however… evenings. Motivating the masses at 6am? Now that takes a special skill. 

5. Worst food you have ever eaten?
Clearly I’ve blocked it out. I did have a bad turkey burger once… didn’t end well. 

6. Biggest pet peeve?
Being late. I will be an hour early before I am late for anything. I think it’s the thought of someone waiting on me that I absolutely hate. I’m pretty good at keeping myself occupied while I’m waiting though…

7. What is your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving. And it’s not even because of all the food!! I really enjoy the family dynamics when I’m home. It’s more laid back than Christmas and stress-free. 

8. Would you rather mow the grass or clean the dishes?
Clean the dishes! Ask my roommate… once my hands are wet, I’ll do ’em all! I really don’t mind. I find it semi therapeutic. 

9. What is your current go-to breakfast?
Love love LOVING my new shake in the AM. 
-1C Chocolate Coconut Water
-1 scoop Sunwarrior Vegan/Raw/GF Protein Powder
-1C ice

It’s not a lot, but at 6AM, it’s perfect to hold me over until snack time… or what I like to call ‘second breakfast’. 

10. What song would you like someone to serenade you with?
Mmm… Do you have someone in mind Mel?? Haha I’ve always been in love with this song by Jon McLaughlin. I honestly may melt if anyone ever serenades me in general.

So here it goes.. My sunny picks 🙂
– Heather, Then Heather Said
– Colleen, Lunchbox Diaries
– Athena, Fitness and Feta
– Christina, Hungry Meets Healthy
– Allison, Frisky Lemon
Here are my Q’s! Good luck 🙂 
1. What’s your favorite city in the world?

2. Apples or oranges? 

3. Bacon or sausage? (I’m on a food kick.)

4. Are you an early riser or a late to bed (er)?

5. If you could only do ONE exercise for the rest of your life would it be mind/body 
(yoga, Pilates) or cardio/strength based (spin, crossfit, etc.)?

6. Last movie you saw in theaters?

7.  Favorite part of your body you like to train?

8. Worst date you’ve ever been on?

9. Would you rather attend a fancy cocktail party or backyard BBQ?

10. I’ll finish on an adventurous note. Bungee jump, skydive or swim with the Great Whites?
Now it’s YOUR turn! Choose the number that corresponds with your birth month. January-1, February-2, etc. (If you were born in November choose 1, December-2.) Can’t wait to see them!!