Boulder & Beers: my kind of fitness conference.

Thursday morning began adventure #2 for me this month. I flew from Boston to Denver to attend Fit Social; a fitness and social media conference. There were many things I was excited about for this trip. Top 5?

1.) I’ve never been to Denver or Boulder, and I was about to travel to both!
2.) I was traveling with my good friend and coworker Moe.
3.) I knew I was going to be able to meet and mingle with some awesome bloggers!
4.) Half of our conference was spent at the Anschulz Center for Health and Wellness. Most popularly known for its appearances on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. Ps: Chris Powell had just left from shooting season 4. Bummer.

5.) Colorado is known for their craft brews and plentiful organic foods. I couldn’t wait to eat and drink my way through these cities 🙂

Of course there were many more aspects that I couldn’t wait to explore, but I’ll get into that later.

Arriving Thursday around noon meant it was 2pm Boston time. Moe and I were signed up to hike the Flat Iron mountains about 30 minutes after arriving in Colorado. Mmm… If I didn’t realize how much I love traveling with Moe before, I sure do know! It took about one glance at each other before realizing we were both wicked hungry, phones were died (only form of cameras we had!) and were both experiencing some altitude sickness.

Into Boulder we went. First stop,  Mountain Sun Brewery! I had a fan-freakin-tactic turkey wrap with homemade pesto, grilled vegetables and a side salad complete with maple-balsamic vinaigrette. Is your mouth watering yet?To wash it all down we shared a flight of local brews. I feel like this is the best way to discover a new city. Try the local restaurants, ask your server for suggestions and walk around! You never know what you’ll stumble upon.

Speaking of stumbling upon, while dining at Mountain Sun, Moe and I literally met about 10 people from Massachusetts. We had fun sharing New England-isms while sitting outside and watching the locals.

Lots of “wickeds” were exchanged.

After flying all day and adjusting to the altitude, Moe and I decided to head back to the hotel and call it an early night. Friday was to be a jam packed day filled with the expo and informative seminars.

{Day 2 coming soon…} 

Question: What was the last city you visited? Did you venture to where the locals dine?


{Guest Post} Daily Cup of Kate!

Hey TTTers, 
As I’m currently in Denver, Colorado for FitSocial, I’ve asked my good blend, Katie, if she would write a guest post for me! She is not only one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, her blog is fabulous! Thank you SO much Katie for posting while I’m away 🙂

Hi there Trendy Trainer readers! My name is Katie and I blog over at Daily Cup of Kate where I write about food, fitness, and finding balance and happiness by taking life one cup of coffee at a time.
I was thrilled when Caroline asked me to write a guest post for her while she is living it up in Colorado (jealous!) Like Caroline, I am a big health and fitness enthusiast and love sharing my workouts with others. My favorite workouts are simply the ones that use minimal equipment and can be done in the comfort your own home. (I don’t know about you but my gyms weight room smells like dirty socks and typically is filled with a bunch of grunting meat heads which just isn’t my cup of tea coffee).
So, I am here today to give you a taste of some of my own workouts. Enjoy! 

I love performing this workout once a month to see if I can beat my previous times. Simply run/walk one mile and record your time. Then set a timer for 60 seconds and perform as many pushups as you can. Rest for 30 seconds, and move on to burpees, sit-ups, and squat jumps. Finally, hold a plank (on elbows or hands) for as long as you can and record the time.

Tabata workouts are the best because you can achieve maximum results in minimal time. Plus, they are over before you know it! Create your own by picking an exercise and setting a timer for 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. Complete the exercise as hard as you possibly can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10, repeating 8-20 times total.

I tend to go on a lot of weekend trips away from home during the Summer and Fall months and this is the perfect workout to do because its quick and requires absolutely no equipment.
Working the upper body and pairing it with bursts of cardio takes this workout to the next level!
Like what you see? Head on over to Daily Cup of Kate every Friday for a new fun and challenging workout!  Thanks again Caroline for letting me take over your blog for the day!

{Guest Post} Trending: Body Pump.

Hey TTTers, 
As I’m currently in Denver, Colorado for FitSocial, I’ve asked my most recent HLS roomie, Katie, if she would write a guest post for me! I’m SO lucky to have met Katie while in MN two weeks ago. I seriously already miss this lady and wish we lived closer… one day? Thank you times a million for being a guest writer 🙂 

Hi! I’m Katie and I blog at Running4Cupcakes. My blog follows my life and my quest for balance and healthy living. I blog about everything, but my favorite topics are running, teaching BODYPUMP and aerobics, being a new Mom, daily life, my latte addiction, crafts, new recipes, baking, and lots of pictures of Luke (my 1 year old) and Abby (my 8 year old collie mix). And I am super excited to be guest posting on The Trendy Trainer for Caroline today!! We met just recently at the Healthy Living Summit. She was one of my awesome roommates, and she is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog!!

I teach bodypump at my local YMCA. I have been teaching since January but I have been a bodypump enthusiast for years. If you know me, you know that I don’t get up early for anything. . . well bodypump (and Luke) is the exception. I used to take the 5:30am class regularly when I first started taking bodypump back in college.  
But, let me back up for a second. 


For those of you who don’t know or have never been to a class. . .bodypump is basically an aerobics class with a weighted barbell.

You work one body part per song and after 60 minutes you have completed a full body strength workout.
A class will include:
1. warm up
2. Squats
3. Chest
4. Back
5. Triceps
6. Biceps
7. Lunges
8. Shoulders
9. Abs
10. Cool down

Bodypump also has awesome music. The moves are fairly easy to do and learn.  And your instructor will cue you through all the movements.

when I practice bodypump in the basement at home, Abby likes to be in the action. . .
For your first class: 

1. Get there early so you can set up your bar, weights, step (not used for a step but for a bench to lay on), mat, and sometimes hand weights. That’s a lot of stuff, right? So, make sure you get there extra early (10-15 min) for your 1st class and then future classes get there a few extra minutes (5 or so) ahead of time so you can be ready to start on time.
2. Tell your instructor that you are new. I know, I know. No one likes to admit this is their first time. But trust me on this one, they can help you set up your space and give you the correct cues for weight selection. I will teach and cue a class very differently depending on if I have any new people in the class. . . yes, I say a lot of the same things, but some cues are really important if this is your first few classes. . .
3. Don’t worry about your weight selection for at least the first class and don’t be afraid to adjust your weight during the class, if you realize halfway through a track that you have too much or too little weight on your bar, take a quick break and adjust it. Especially important if you have too much weight – form is always better than strength.
4. If something doesn’t feel right, make sure to follow up with your instructor after class. They can often help make sure that you are doing the move correctly and help with form.
5. Remember that the first class is always the worst. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll have fun and get a good workout. . .but it is hard to put everything together: the weight selection, moves, timing, and that bodypump feeling. The next class will be better, and the next class after that will be better still.
6. Don’t forget to smile. You are supposed to be having fun. And yes, it is supposed to be hard, and you will have sweat dripping off body parts that you didn’t know possible. 

What do you think? Are you ready to check it out?
And if you need more reasons to check out bodypump, click over to this post about how being a bodypump instructor has changed my life.