24 Eyeballs.

Yesterday I taught a spin class at a facility I rarely teach at. 

I’m a “rotational instructor” for this Saturday class. Simply put, I teach there 2x a semester. 
I walked into the facility and immediately got nervous about teaching spin. Ummmm. Why? I teach 7 classes a week. Train around 15 clients a week. 
Getting up in front of a crowd? It should be no big deal. But today it was. My stomach was flipping and I felt very out of my comfort zone. 
Maybe I’ve just become super comfortable with my members. Maybe I’ve become used to my classes.
I introduced myself, helped with bike setups and began class. 
Unlike my normal spin room, this facility uses what used to be a squash court for it’s spin room. 
It’s perfectly acceptable and a great space, but certainly something I’m not used to. Between the echoing and lack of mirrors, I felt off my beat. Seriously though, what the heck, I’ve been doing this for 7 years! I should be able to customize my style to fit ANY class and room. 
Once I began I started to get into the groove. The space was much brighter and the lack of mirrors made me realize that every one’s gaze was on me. I’m talking piercing eyeballs. Look of judgement. 
Am I working them hard enough? Is my music too loud? Do they even want to be here?
24 little eyeballs starring back at me were my only glimpse of communication. And even still, I had trouble making eye contact. 
After a solid (and long) 55 minutes, class wrapped up. I always end by asking for feedback and critics if any. Although harsh, I do find them necessary in order to become better. 
Participants began walking towards the front of the room towards me. Herds A small pack began to form in front of me. And to my surprise each one began praising my teaching skills. Individually thanking me for such an incredible experience. I’m not joking when I tell you I think my jaw was on the floor. I honestly thought I was about to be torn apart, but instead my ego was being lifted so high I had to hold onto my bike to keep from floating away. 
OK, ok. That’s a bit extreme. But they really enjoyed it and I was pleased to say the least. 
This just goes to show you that you can believe something so whole heartedly and it isn’t true. Maybe that’s how you think you are perceived…. 
Don’t believe it. Because at the end of the day, you’re probably making things up in your mind and not understanding the full truth. Don’t let those eyeballs glare at you in judgement. It’s not worth it. 
Have you ever been convinced of something that ended up being the opposite? Please do tell 🙂 


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