What I’m loving lately: Tuesday Edition.

Not sure why I decided to compile this on a Tuesday.

Is it cause my brain is fried and it’s only day 2 of the work week?


Or maybe because there’s a lot on my mind lately?


What I’m loving lately.

  • When people use the word “Totes”, “Def” or really any shortened version of a word.
  • The fact that Baxter hasn’t taken a bath in 1,098,986,766 5 days. His paws smell like Frito’s and his hair is all mangled. It’s adorable. I love how I act like this is his fault and he can bath himself.
  • Any and all types of nut butters. Is this a surprise?
  • This nail polish color for my toes. 
  • And this for my fingers. 
  • Spaghetti squash and all things in the pumpkin family. 
  • Guilty pleasure shows like Dancing With The Stars. 
  • Driving with my sun roof open and my seat warmer on… 🙂 
What are YOU loving lately?

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