Sunday Sometimes.

Today I am implementing Sunday Sometimes. Let’s call it a confessional portal.

Sometimes I eat candy for dinner and don’t work out.

Sometimes I press ‘mark as read’ in my inbox.

Sometimes I construct Spin classes on the fly. Like while the class is happening.

Sometimes all I want to do is go home and watch House Hunters.

Sometimes I wish I could afford to fill my house with fresh flowers every day.

Sometimes I don’t even know how I got so blessed.

Mel and I,  HLS 2012

Dana, Moe and I, Spartan Race 2012
My college ladies!
At Nashoba Winery, probably my favorite place. 

Moe, Ashley and I, Fit Social 2013

What’s your sometimes?


On Excuses & Body Image.

Wow, have I been reading a lot lately on body image and how women view themselves. Back when I went to the Retreat in September Sirena and Stacey advised we all take time to read “Food, Love and God”. It is a phenomenal book that gives a ton of insight into compulsive eating as well as the behavioral physiology behind it. I’m only halfway through and completely hooked. 

I also most recently read this article from Molly Galbraith. This photo was a topic of hot discussion, even getting recognition from the Today Show and E! News. Of course I had my own opinion, but when I heard Molly’s view points on the subject, I figured what a great topic for a post! So what do you think? Is this “campaign” motivational or fat-shaming? 

Personally, I can see both sides. And no, I’m not trying to be neutral as to not ruffle feathers. I honestly understand both perspectives. For one, let’s state the facts. Maria is a working mother of three. She notably takes care of her body through eating clean and exercise. Is she asking ‘what’s your excuse?’ to make you feel badly? Or is she taking a Jillian Michael s approach and hitting you hard with the truth as a means to motivate you to get in shape. Others argue that she is “fat-shaming” them. That the directness of her quote is too harsh and rude. 

Now… being “fit” comes in MANY shapes and sizes, and this alone is a topic for another post. But, from an aesthetic perspective, Maria is toned and presumably strong.

After deciding that I wanted to write about this largely controversial topic, I then saw this photo posted by my blend, Becky

Such a true statement. 

Listen. Everyone has a busy schedule. Everyone has excuses at some point. Whether it be money, time or motivation, there will always be something holding you back if you let it. The point is, figure out with is holding you back. Acknowledge it. Address it. Once you’ve figured out the brick wall that’s keeping you from succeeding, you’re more likely to make strides to overcome it.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic! Your turn… 

5 Myths about Personal Trainers.

Do you workout with a personal trainer? Have you thought about it but are hesitant about certain aspects? Let me shed some light on some of the most popular myths that I’ve found while working in this industry…

1. We are all built the same. 
While our scientific knowledge is in alignment, our philosophies don’t have to be! This is one great thing about this industry. From runners to power lifters, trainers come in all shapes and sizes. If you are considering one for you (which I highly recommend!), do your research. Find someone that lines up with your beliefs and goals. No point in working with a trainer who believes running is terrible when you pound the pavement 3-4x/week.

2. You have to go to school for it. 
Um. Have you read my about page? Of course there are fantastic majors in college directed towards exercise science and kinesiology. And yes, if you’re considering working in strength and conditioning with athletes I highly recommend it.  But if you’re interested in a career in training, don’t write it off if you didn’t crack the books in these subjects. Being a PT requires (most of the time) a certification, continuing education credits, CPR and AED training, not to mention lots of personally driven research and reading.

3. We cringe at sugar and chug protein shakes. 
Stop making me laugh. If you’ve ever checked out my ‘grams you’ll know this is a crazy myth. Myself and many other trainers believe in the “everything in moderation” rule of thumb. Deprivation leads to overeating, binging and obsessing.  I believe in the 70/30 rule; clean eating to treats ratio. Wine one night means maybe leaving the Reese’s pumpkin cup alone. Rest day for me means laying low on the carbs. Do what works for you.

4. We patrol our friends/family on diet and exercise.
No and no. Although I want my friends and family to lead healthy lifestyles, I am also not hired by them to run around barking each time they skip their workouts. I go out to eat with friends and am certainly not going to critique their every food choice. Geeze. Talk about a Debbie Downer. Of course if they come to me with questions or advice I am MORE than willing to help them in anyway I can. But I believe in a no patrol policy, and it works just fine for me 🙂


5. We sleep, eat, breathe and oh wait, work at the gym. 
Mmm… this may not be a myth haha! For most of us we DO work long hours, crazy schedules and do spend a lot of time at our place of work. We are there bright and early and sometimes late at night to be able to fit in each one of our clients that we want to work with. This of course doesn’t mean that the gym IS our whole lives. We have other hobbies (i.e. this blog!), friends and heck even relationships outside of those four walls.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my world, I know I enjoyed debunking these myths 🙂