Bacon People.

Do you remember me mentioning how in-sync Moe and I were on this trip? 

Both of us had no desire to go to a sit down breakfast joint, instead we hit up a local coffee shop, Ozo, that was recommended to me by Alexa from Attune Foods!  Although tons of pastries and GF breads, Moe and I are bacon people (me, turkey and for Moe, real). We knew it was going to be a long day and we’d need some sustenance.

Don’t ya know, there’s a place in Boulder called Moe’s Broadway Bagel. Done.

The trip from Boulder to Denver was short and sweet. I seriously couldn’t wait to get on the Anschulz campus though, I believe whole heartedly in their philosophies! They take a well rounded approach; therapy, fitness, nutrition, the list goes on. Whatever these clients need, they receive. And the centers success rate proves its working.

I won’t bore you with too many breakdowns on all of these sessions, but one I found fascinating and will certainly dive deeper into later was the “Knowing Versus Doing:  Evidenced-Based Model for Successful Health Behavior Change” with Dr. Denise McGuire. We discussed the “stages of change” and how to correctly coach your clients towards successful progressions. 

Bottom line: Neuroplasticity does exist. We can rewire your habits, it will just take time.

By 12:30 I was pretty shocked at how much of an appetite I had worked up! My girls and I headed to Cedar Creek Pub for lunch where I decided on seared tuna over a large salad, Gorgonzola cheese and a raspberry vinaigrette. It was so nice to get to know these chicas even more! From how our blogs started to what our favorite beers are, we kept it real and raw. We did however pass on the brewskies since a workout was in our near future. Barf.

Post lunch and we were back furiously taking notes on social media in the fitness field; platforms, tips and tricks to be successful. Great tip from Chris and Sarah (who joined us from ACE)?

With my mind overflowing with ideas and action plans for TTT, I knew it was almost time for some sort of physical release. And what class did I choose to take? Tabata Spin. That’s right! Even when I’m not teaching I get on the bike. I find it leads to inspiration and motivation!

A quick “bird bath”, as my mom like to call it, and we were all upstairs on the roof deck of the Anschulz Health and Wellness center. Delicious catered food, an open wine bar, a spectacular sunset and fabulous company proved to be the best way to wrap up the conference. 

It’s moments like these that remind me how much I love this community. Whether you’re a full-time fitness professional or weight loss blogger, we all share one common bond…
a love for health, writing and sharing our experiences. More on the fabulous ladies I met at Fit Social in my final recap this week 🙂 

What kind of community are you a party of? A book club? Girls night? Share away!


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