Did I really need more swag? Day 2.

Has anyone seen September? If you do, you want to let her know she left the party a little too soon? We’re full blown into fall around here. And although I love the crisp air, the dark mornings are beginning to foreshadow winter.

Back to why I don’t really need more swag, but for some reason when there’s free stuff I grab it. (If y’all missed the first part of my recap, check it out here!)

I woke up on Friday morning feeling pretty good! No sign of altitude sickness or grogginess from travel- win! Having attended HLS last weekend, I knew that although i love all the sessions, it’s a lot of sitting. Therefore I decided to go check out the hotel gym and see what I could throw together.

A quick run, push-ups, planks and walking lunges and my tummy was grumbling for some breakfast. Nature’s Path Organic had provided us with a nice light breakfast before transitioning to the expo and sessions. I even got to experience some bonding over breakfast! Katie, Kelly, Ashley, Moe and I all munched on yogurt and granola while chatting about each others blogs and hometowns.

 I love love love meeting new people. I honestly feel that it’s the relationships that I gain from conferences such as this (and HLS)  that are the most rewarding. Not to get too sappy, but these ladies are extremely passionate about what they do. It’s so comforting to have this commonality.

Awesome brands represented at Fit Social? Attune Foods, Lara Bar (they had the ALT ones which I love!!), Food Should Taste Good, Zevia and many more. Do you guys love these products as much as I do?

With a full belly and a bag O’ loot, Fit Social officially began! Kicking off the first lecture was Dr. James O. Hill from the Anschutz Health & Wellness Center. He spoke about obesity, health, and physical fitness. Fun points from his lecture?

  • We’ve got to look at 2 dimensions of being active. Fitness and LESS sitting.
  • Fad diets: you don’t have enough time to create a habit out of it. Neuro paths don’t have enough time to connect. Automatic failure.
  • Body’s fuel hierarchy: Alcohol, Protein, Carb then Fat.

**As I sit on the plane coming home writing this, I recognize how sedentary our society truly is. All the crinkling of the chip bags remind me that we must change our patterns. Our society is headed down a dangerous path where obesity and other life threatening diseases are becoming the norm.

The next two sessions I attended were  Building Your Brand and Monetizing Your Fitness Expertise – Led by Fun and Fit‘s Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA & Alexandra Williams, MA. What a fun duo! Sisters AND business partners? That’s talent. Final session I decided on was Succeeding with YouTube with Joshua Hill & Matt LeBeau of Room 214. These guys were so brilliant that I wish I could put them in my pocket and take them home with me. I learned a ton about YouTube and how to properly mesh it with your blog.

After all this sitting around I was getting ants in my pants.

I’m telling you, I’m like a 5 year old when it comes to long term sitting/note taking/etc. Don’t worry though because at a fitness conference they factor in workouts. ACE was another sponsor, so we all got moving around with a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class taught by Chris Freytag; an ACE master instructor and owner of chrisfreytag.com.

High intensity for an hour? In a conference room? With just your body weight? Yes, it can be done. Lets just say we all worked up a large appetite for dinner.

Moe and I pre dinner 🙂

I felt like such a loser not going out really at night in Boulder. Friday had been raining all day/night and we all decided to stay in and rest up for our first day in Denver. Sleep > a rainy night out. Don’t judge, I was happy with my decision at 6AM the next morning.


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