My Hangover Cure: Fall Edition.

Every year around this time I do the same gosh darn thing.

I immerse myself so deeply in everything pumpkin. It’s like a pumpkin coma, if you will. 

But, this year is different. I vowed to take a step back from the ancestor of the squash. I’m still relishing in all-things-fall, just simply without the orange induced hangover.

Instead of pumpkin coffee in the AM, I’ve been sprinkling cinnamon and nutmeg in my joe.

This weekend I attended my best friends Octoberfest BBQ. What did I bring?

Candy Corn Oreo Brownies. (pictured above)
Chocolate Chip cookies with “harvest sprinkles”.
Apple Cider Sangria.

via Jessica

Don’t feel sad for me. I’ve allowed myself some treats here and there. And if you follow me on Instagram and/or Pinterest, you’ve seen me X-Pro II the crap out of them.

This is all in an effort to not leave this season with a churned stomach for any and all things pumpkin.

I think it’s working.

Now let me go enjoy my harvest candle and left over apple cider.

‘Cause I didn’t say I was backing off the forbidden fruit.

Happy Fall,

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