On Excuses & Body Image.

Wow, have I been reading a lot lately on body image and how women view themselves. Back when I went to the Retreat in September Sirena and Stacey advised we all take time to read “Food, Love and God”. It is a phenomenal book that gives a ton of insight into compulsive eating as well as the behavioral physiology behind it. I’m only halfway through and completely hooked. 

I also most recently read this article from Molly Galbraith. This photo was a topic of hot discussion, even getting recognition from the Today Show and E! News. Of course I had my own opinion, but when I heard Molly’s view points on the subject, I figured what a great topic for a post! So what do you think? Is this “campaign” motivational or fat-shaming? 

Personally, I can see both sides. And no, I’m not trying to be neutral as to not ruffle feathers. I honestly understand both perspectives. For one, let’s state the facts. Maria is a working mother of three. She notably takes care of her body through eating clean and exercise. Is she asking ‘what’s your excuse?’ to make you feel badly? Or is she taking a Jillian Michael s approach and hitting you hard with the truth as a means to motivate you to get in shape. Others argue that she is “fat-shaming” them. That the directness of her quote is too harsh and rude. 

Now… being “fit” comes in MANY shapes and sizes, and this alone is a topic for another post. But, from an aesthetic perspective, Maria is toned and presumably strong.

After deciding that I wanted to write about this largely controversial topic, I then saw this photo posted by my blend, Becky

Such a true statement. 

Listen. Everyone has a busy schedule. Everyone has excuses at some point. Whether it be money, time or motivation, there will always be something holding you back if you let it. The point is, figure out with is holding you back. Acknowledge it. Address it. Once you’ve figured out the brick wall that’s keeping you from succeeding, you’re more likely to make strides to overcome it.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic! Your turn… 

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