The Bird: It’s all about timing.

This past weekend I hosted my second annual Friendsgiving.

But, unlike last year, I took on the task of cooking the turkey.

My first one, like ever, and I decided on a 20 pounder.

Say, what?

Yup. My Mom was so graciously standing by her phone all day for me to call frantically. Butterball Hot line? But I was able to get by with only 3 calls; how to make gravy, where the heck cranberry sauce is in the grocery store and an end of night party recap.

Whatcha cookin’?

One huge thing I learned was that Thanksgiving is ALL about timing. If you’ve only got one oven, you must plan and prep side dishes that don’t require it. You must plan out your menu and set reminders and timers.
Because, let’s face it, when the guests start arriving you’ll completely forget about that brie puff pastry appetizer that you popped under the broiler. 

In all reality, the bird is the easiest of the whole day! My big Bertha took about 4hrs and change and was perfect. Also on my menu…

And wait just a second… my amazing friends pitched in too! Making incredible stuffing, roasted vegetables, chili dip, brussel sprouts with bacon, and don’t even get me started on the desserts. 

Such a fun afternoon and evening spent with friends, good food and one ginormous turkey.

Needless to say I sent everyone home with a LOT of leftovers. 
What are you thankful for today?

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