Sunday Sometimes {12.29}

Can we talk about how Christmas is already over?

Thank goodness I have off until the 2nd, I may need that long to process this.

Well friends, it is that day again. My little weekly confessional I call, Sunday Sometimes.

Sometimes I sit in a mile of standing traffic to get to the mall 2 days after Christmas. Bummer.  

Sometimes (mostly when I have this much time off) I start believing I’m on HGTV and begin minor room renovations that realistically never get finished. 

Sometimes I enjoy cream in my coffee. Most of the time, black. 

Sometimes On Demands ‘Bingeworthy‘ section… kills my afternoon. 

Sometimes I wish I was still a kid. In my book, there is nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning and barreling down the stairs to find Santa really did come last night. Magical. 

What’s your Sunday Sometimes this week? 


Last Minute Gift Ideas {Healthy Edition}.

It’s Christmas Eve morning.

You’re feeling a bit stressed due to your lack of present buying prep. You could go the ALL gift card route (hello rotating card display at CVS) or you could peruse my list below.

(PS- all of these can be found at your local convenience store, grocery or CVS/Walgreens.)


I say peruse. 

{Quick} Holiday Gift Guide: 

– A Nutty Basket: Peanut & Almond butter, heart healthy nut mix, etc.

– The Recovery Set: Assorted tea, lemons, honey and a cute mug!

– A Spicy Concoction: Cayenne, cinnamon, pure vanilla, etc.

– The Fitness Buff: Epsom salt, Advil, a Smart Water, scented body wash, loofah, a caboodle (to put all the loot in!)

Hope this gave you some great ideas that won’t break the bank!!

Merry Christmas Eve, friends!


Don’t Knock the Nog; easy ways to enjoy this holiday treat.

Every year the shelves are stocked with this creamy concoction. Some booze it up, while others toss it in recipes. Whatever your frothy fancy, eggnog gets a pretty bad wrap scoring high in cholesterol and saturated fats. The good news you ask? This year manufacturers have produced a multitude of nog-gy options; light, organic, soy and even coconut milk nog.

-These guys got it right with Egg Nog Three Ways. Um, Eggnog Macaroons? Yup.

-Taping in at 145 cal per serving the Clean Eating Eggnog is looking mighty tasty.

I gotcha covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
So whether you are partially Paleo or a true Vegan, you can still enjoy this drinkable dessert.

Do you like eggnog or are you a hot chocolate lover?