What I’m loving lately: Tuesday Edition.

You guys.

I just couldn’t wait until Friday to inform you about my latest FAV finds!

Sometimes I am impulsive. Instant gratification gets the best of me. And I cave.


What I’m loving lately. 

  •  SoLow Crops. I bought these crops for two reasons. I wear yoga leggings daily and they were on clearance, $34. Steal. Their scrunchy on the waistband and on the calf… I am seriously obsessed with them. 

  •  Trader Joe’s Vanilla Cinnamon Black Tea (with a splash of almond milk). Need I say more? I’ve decided to minimize tummy problems, I am not going to drink coffee at work. I find it tears apart my stomach and causes lots of pain. Who needs it. I tried this concoction this morning and WOW. 
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  •  THIS song from One Direction. I’ve used it as a hill climb in Spin and am obsessed. Plus they’re total cuties.


  •  Mrs. Myers Clean Day Candle: Iowa Pine. Who doesn’t want to have a house filled with the scent of Christmas?? This soy based candle literally burns for hours and isn’t TOO pine-y… aka I don’t feel like I got my head stuck in a pine tree. 

What are YOU loving lately? Something you simply can’t live without?

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