Staying Stylish… With Help. {Guest Post, Brunette Anthem}

With my new schedule being a little cray-cray, I’ve asked one of my lovely friends Jen, from Brunette Anthem, if she would guest post for me! Jen and I met at HLS this past year and I fell absolutely in love with her style and fun personality.

Let’s get this straight. I primarily own heaps upon heaps of workout apparel. This new real job has made me realize just how few real clothes I have. Thankfully, I’ve got stylish friends like Jen to keep me in check. Well, friends and Pinterest. Take it away Jen… 

Can you remember your first day of school?  Staying up all night giddy with excitement.
Before going to bed, you of course had to set aside a couple of hours to pick out the perfect outfit.  One that shows your personality and style, but doesn’t yell that you are trying to hard.  You top it off with the perfect accessories.  In this case, a great backpack and probably doc martins.
Well, my good friend Caroline, aka Trendy Trainer, just had her first day as the new head fitness content writer for BostInno, an online media publication.  A big CONGRATULATIONS and shout out for this milestone in her life!
Being not only smart, but trendy, I’m sure she set aside ample time to pick out the perfect outfit.  If I was dressing her for her first day I would choose something fun and playful, like her personality, with a splash of color to help her creative juices flow.
I think I have just the outfit for her.  It will show her confidence and sophistication through the angles, shape, and fabric.  While the color will help inspire fresh ideas and energy.  Check it out!
Thanks Jen! 🙂 

Burning Flames and Stabbing Swords

So as most of you know, I recently took a new job as a content writer for the online media publication, BostInno. I will be writing all about fitness and trending health related topics each and every day! This week was my first week at the office, so I no doubt learned tons about the company and what I’ll be doing there. I feel so blessed to be able to do this. As. My. Job.

Also? I get to attend fitness events in Boston! Can I get a whoop, whoop!

Speaking of events, this past week I got notified of a free race happening this weekend in Boston. I know what you’re thinking, it’s -15 outside, why would you ever run outside on purpose? Well, this wasn’t your average race. It was called ClimbAmerica!, a fundraiser hosted by ClimbCorps, an organization raising awareness for heart related illnesses.

Yup. I climbed stairs this morning. 38 flights to be exact.

If you’re thinking, OMG my legs would fall off? Think again. Try, my lungs felt like they were on fire. I’m taking burning flames and stabbing swords all up in my chest. Appealing right? Probably happy you had brunch plans.


It was held at the Exchange Place in the Financial District of Boston. Fun fact I learned, this building is the 12th tallest building in Boston. Regardless of the cool trivia and smokers cough I’m now sporting, I had a great time. Lots of people showed up for the event, which is awesome seeing that heart related illnesses are America’s #1 killer. Yikes.

Something small you can do everyday is take the stairs. If you’re like me and (most recently) sit at a desk ALL. DAMN. DAY. You need to get some exercise in. We are a sedentary country that needs to change one small step at a time, or in this case, stair.

Also, it’s DAY 20 of my Advocare 24 day challenge! I’m feeling great, with the exception of two cocktails on Friday night, WOOPS, and one too many rice cakes and AB last night, double WOOPS.
They’re just so freakin’ good. I couldn’t stop. 

But I’m back at it for 3 more days of challenge worthy clean eating. Keep on the lookout for my results!! PS- my friend Becky just finished her 24 DC, did you SEE her results?? Hopefully mine are at least 1/4th as good as hers!

So talk to me, how did you get sweaty this weekend??

Life Lately: 5 Updates Worth Acknowledging

Can I let you guys in on a little secret?

I can’t believe I’m actually admitting this. But it definitely deserves the #1 spot.

1. I don’t miss alcohol. 
Don’t get me wrong, it was a really hard elimination at the beginning. Saying no and ordering a seltzer is not the norm for me. But being today is Day 16, both my wallet and waistline appreciate it.

2. I’ve actually committed to conditioning 2x/week. 

Although this may not be breaking news, it’s been a nice change from any mundane cardio. Pushing the prowler diagonally across the gym floor with 25lb on each side, brutal. 
3. Day one, check!
I began my new job at BostInno yesterday and loved it! I was learning new things left and right; it felt so good to be challenged in an area that I’m passionate about. 
4.  I had a date last night. 

Melanie, Katie and Becky!

With 3 of my lovely ladies!! Gotta love Google Hangout 🙂 I seriously miss these girls so much and wish we could all live in the same city neighborhood. 
5. My obsession with Homeland. 

It’s really a shame that seasons 1-3 are On Demand. See y’all in the spring when I come up for air. 
What have you guys been up to??