Resolutions: Trendy or Train Wreck?

Welp. It’s the end of day 2. If you’ve decided to go the health and fitness route this resolution season, you’re looking down one of two roads right about now.

You’re either feeling super motivated.


Or not.

I am not necessarily sure how I feel about resolutions. Around this time of year it is common for my clients ask me my opinions on them. 
I believe that you should set goals for yourself all year long. That’s right. Maybe it’s July and you need to back off the Fro-Yo train? Perhaps it’s April, the ground is thawing and you’re thinking about taking up running? 
Do. It. 
January 1st is a fantastic time to start a new, but I highly recommend setting monthly goals for yourself all year long. Maybe your year goal is a broader umbrella that incorporates travel, oral hygiene or saving money. 
Don’t diss oral hygiene. I vowed to floss in 2013 and I came out cavity free. Hooray. 

My take away? Don’t feel pressured or overwhelmed by companies up chucking their products and services on you. Hello eHarmony, Jenny Craig and Proactiv. 
So get a notebook, journal, heck use your notes section on your iPhone, but make a plan for your year. 
Happy 2014, friends. I feel it’s going to be a good one. 

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