The Single Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day… And Not Eating Your Bodyweight in Chocolate

You can’t walk into a CVS, Walgreens or any grocery store these days without being bombarded with hearts, candies and chocolate. The sugary treats are practically shoved down your throat while the lovey-dovey phrases on cards make you want to puke. 

Oh wait, maybe that was all the candy.

Regardless, it’s a holiday filled with all things hearts and sugar. But what about us single gals? How do we not get wrapped up in the ultimate FOMO (fear of missing out) over this romantic day?

Well, we could…

A.) Stuff ourselves with all things candy-coated and red. I don’t recommend this however, you wake up feeling awful and actually happy you don’t need to explain your complete lack of self control to your significant other.

B.) Drown ourselves in wine, put on a sappy movie and grab the box of Kleenex.


C.) Forget all the V Day bullshit, enjoy our evening and just… be.

I think we all know the healthiest of options here, but it’s not always that simple! Being satisfied with who you are and being single is not an easy task. There’s much that goes into finding that element of security. In fact, many people get into relationships and still have yet to find that inner independence.

By no means am I saying I’ve achieved this, but I’ve also been single long enough to really develop and understanding of myself.

I found this quote the other day. With the looming day of love approaching, I knew I had to share…

Relationships must be chosen wisely.  Don’t rush love.  Wait until you truly find it.  Don’t let loneliness drive you back into the arms of someone you know you don’t belong with.  Fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.  A great relationship is worth waiting for. 

Please don’t think I’m simply being cynical, just trying to help my single ladies out so we don’t take it out on the bag of M&M;’s.


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