What I’ve Learned While Sitting at a Desk.

So I’ve been at my new job now for about a month. It seriously is such a blessing to be able to do what I love for my work. I’ve learned proper journalism techniques, how to read content analytics and had the ability to meet some Ah-Ma-Zing influencers in my field.

Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning facility in Woburn, MA

But just like anything else, there has been some adjustments to my change in profession. Let’s get this into perspective for a moment.

I was working as a full-time personal trainer, group exercise instructor and high school strength coach. I literally lived at the gym. Up at 4:45 a.m., in bed around 8:45 (don’t judge) and ample hours of downtime in between clients to get my own workout in.

I am now faced with the harsh reality that my clients always confronted me with; fitting in workouts on a tight schedule.

Because of where I live in relation to where I work (and my gym), my commute is about 45 min. on the bus and train. I truly don’t mind this after driving to work for years and sitting in endless amount of traffic for no apparent reason. I enjoy the ability to zone out, listen to my Van Morrison channel on Pandora and catch up on my social media/Bloglovin’ stuff.

BUT, because of this commute, the timing of my bus and the hours that I work, I no longer am able to spend endless hours putzing while working on the clock. My workouts have gone from 5-6 days a week to a lucky 3-4. From long in depth barbell, structured sets and reps to quick, functional bodyweight exercises circuits. Most importantly, I’ve had to learn to be OK with this and not beat myself up with this drastic change in fitness rhythm.

I have learned to embrace the time I get to spend while running, lifting or taking a class. I’ve had to adjust my eating habits to better cope with my lack of… ugh… movement. And I’ve learned just what it feels like to sit for 10 hours a day. Woof.

As I become more adjusted in this realistic American lifestyle, I am learning how I will eventually settle into a more healthy routine. It will take some time and with the warmer weather coming, I’m sure I’ll incorporate more running into my life (Chicago marathon 2014??) I am also fully aware I need to foam roll more.

Have you had to make a similar adjustment? How have you coped? 


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