Top Posts: What You Missed This Week! {3.10}

Let’s just stop for a second and do a big ole happy dance for the fact that it was 56 degrees in Boston today.

{happy dance, happy dance}

With no snow in the future and it warm enough to open the sunroof, I decided on a car wash today! I know what you’re thinking,

Big Saturday, huh, Caroline?’ 

Yes. It was amazing.

On another note, I’ve been sick as a dog all week, coughing up a lung and snotting up a storm. So it only seemed fitting to open all the car window and really get some fresh air circulating through my body.

Even though I was hacking and sneezing, I published a ton of interesting post that I think y’all will enjoy, here they are!

Move yourself. 


Healthy Stats/Infographics. 

Yoga Totes for Different Folks

If you are anyone in my life who has:

a.) seen my closet
b.) gone on a trip with me
c.) watched me move

You know I loooooooveeeee my bags. Like, I literally own a bazillion. From duffles to totes, I just can’t get enough. But ask me if I own nice designer purses? Nope. You can see where my priorities lie.

Now, A couple weeks ago I was doing my typical blog read roundup and I saw my amazeballs friend, Katie, sporting this amazing workout bag from a company called Apera. Of course, per normal, I immediately looked it up online. A few days after I received an email asking if I would review a bag from the same company, eh DUH.

It was love at first bag.

A couple days and much anticipation later and I received this beautiful PINK yoga tote. By your response on twitter, FB and Insta, I think you liked it too 🙂

Well, you are in luck my trendy friends. Apera is holding their own giveaway each month. They will be giving away a free Apera bag to one winner. All you need to do is sign up for their email newsletter by providing your email address at the bottom of their website

Then, at the end of each month, they’ll randomly draw a name from those subscribers in their email newsletter database to select a winner. The bag for March is the Sling Tote. Every month they will change the style. 

They also have some AMAZING sales right now!! 40% OFF their entire Blue line of bags.  Any style of Blue bag will be 40% OFF, including the Yoga Tote.  Also, all of our Duffel Packs, any color, are 40% OFF too.  

Oh – and if it didn’t get any cooler – Apera is part of an incredible cause. For every 3 bags they sell, they donate one to the Special Olympics. Love it. 

So get at that sale and stay trendy. I swear this bag is changing my life, I may just get rid of some of my other ones; donate, sell on Ebay… Now that’s a big deal. 

Do you hoard anything like I do bags??


Top Posts: What You Missed This Week!

Alright, my lovely trendy friends… I’ve decided to start a new series on Saturday mornings! It’s going to be a ‘what you missed’ from all my 20-something weekly posts at BostInno.

I know sheer number of articles I write can become overwhelming to catch up on, and you’re bound to miss something good, so here I break it down by category and you choose what you want to read about!

Pretty simple, very practical. Enjoy!

Move yourself. 


Health Stats/Infographics.

Read what appeals to you, skip what seems boring 🙂