TTT & Uber Team Up For Free Rides in Boston!

So as y’all know, we are a meer days away from the 118th Boston Marathon. Living in this city and being a runner, this time of year certainly brings to the forefront the fears and anticipation from last Patriots Day. 
It was a scary, terrifying time for this Hub I call home. But most importantly, through living here I’ve noticed a huge amount of growth and strength come from this city. I’ve seen an element of community that was not so present in years past. We’ve come together and proved that just like running, we should keep our focus forward and not look towards the fear of the past. 
In honor of this momentous year of growth, I’ve teamed up with Uber to help provide safe transportation on Marathon Monday and beyond. This year is doing something a bit different. They are showcasing the heroes of Boston. 
Uber Boston is giving you the opportunity to request a ride from one of the many Boston firefighters, nurses, police officers, EMTs, teachers, etc. who partner with Uber as drivers in their spare time. You can toggle between the different car types and, for Saturday only, select “BostonX” to ride with one of these heroes. 
Pretty cool, huh?! Talk about riding around in style. 
And if you’re new to Uber, they want you to ride for free (up to $25 using my promo code, redeemable anytime). 

Use my discount code, “TRENDYTRAINER14” for your free ride or simply click HERE and it will take you directly to the Uber sign up page with the discount code already embedded.

Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues! 

Happy riding 🙂 


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