Happy 3rd Birthday, Now Let’s Celebrate! {Giveaway}

Exactly 3 years ago (to the day) I wrote my first post on The Trendy Trainer.

Through those few years I have had three job changes, two apartments, a couple boyfriends, a couple ex-boyfreinds and a whole lot of opportunities.

From being a part of the New Balance Lace Up 365 campaign to leading a Fit Mingle at the Healthy Living Summit in Minneapolis last year, this has truly been an unimaginable journey. And while getting sent apparel is a lot of fun, it is the people I’ve met along the way that have made it unforgettable.

So thank you to all my incredible ‘blends’ who have supported me endlessly on this platform I call home.

Thank you to my friends, family and complete strangers who read my words daily (on TTT and BostInno) not because they can hear my voice in their head as they’re reading my articles, but instead because they actually enjoy scrolling through my content.

Thank you to the people who have given me opportunities to shine, share and spread my passion for health and wellness.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

And to celebrate this fun blog-iversary, I am collaborating with New Balance to host a giveaway!! It’s an awesome one at that. Here’s the deets:

One lucky winner will receive … 

Women’s 711 Trainer: The WX711 offers superior comfort with a versatile shoe for all fitness activities and features Cush+ technology, one of the softest midsole foams offered by New Balance. The extra softness of Cush+ doesn’t mean sacrificing durability; the technology is responsive, offering extra bounce to help keep you moving and take you comfortably through your whole workout, whether it’s in the gym or the studio.

(In your size, of course)

Wellness Tote: The New Balance Wellness Tote is the perfect bag to go from work to workout, accommodating your workout gear, laptop, files and more. Separate compartments for apparel and shoes keep you organized while a removable, washable cinch sack holds smaller items in place. The tote also features a padded laptop sleeve, cord organizer pockets, a document pocket, and straps to hold your jacket or yoga mat.

How to enter: 

1. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite way to stay fit during the summer.

2. Share on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram (i.e. I just entered to win some sweet swag on The Trendy Trainer! #HappyBlogiversary) and leave an additional comment telling me you did. (Doing this means your odds of winning will increase!)

I will select a winner at random via a number generator on Wednesday, May 28th, 8 p.m. EST. So get your comments in before then!!

Good LUCK!


Out of Breath, Real Talk & Feeling Thankful: #NBGNO

In life there are certain events that make you really happy. I’m talking about smiling from ear to ear, giddy like a kid on Christmas Day, ice cream cone is summer kind of happy.

New Balance’s Girl’s Night Out was just that.

On Thursday night we gathered at the New Balance Experience store for an evening of mingling, meeting and a whole lot of lady time.

We started our evening with a 4-mile run around the Charles River, which due to everyone being on time (WIN!) meant Carrie and I didn’t have to lead the nonexistent second group of runners! That did mean however that we had to all out sprint for about 2-miles in order to catch up to everyone!

But first, lemme take a selfie! (Carrie and I)

Out of breath is an understatement. Reminder: I am an endurance athlete, sprinting isn’t my strength.  

Post-run and stretch with these two lovely Boston fitness professionals, we headed back into the store for some snacks, beverages and music-galore.

From the lighting to the displays, the whole atmosphere of the New Balance store had changed while we were out on our run. It was so magical being back with all of these wonderful ladies (high off of endorphins for sure) and able to enjoy the mixer portion of the night.

But before I could cut a rug on the dance floor, I had a speech I had to deliver. Gulp.

Alright, real talk for a second. While I’ve been teaching spin for many years, I still get very nervous about public speaking. For some reason there is a HUGE difference between a dimly lit room that’s blasting Flo Rida and taking the mic in front of 80 people. 

Of course I was honored to get up there and share my Trendy Trainer story … how it came to be (an ex-boyfriend, thanks!), what drives me to write and the incredibly influential people I’ve met along the way.

After that was over (phew!) it was onto more mingling and finally meeting Boston bloggers I’ve only seen on Instagram or Twitter, but never in real life (I’m looking at you, Sarah!).

Steph, Sarah and I 

As the night wrapped up, I became more and more thankful for this community I am a part of. Each and every time I am surrounded by healthy living bloggers I remember how supportive everyone is. From asking about your next 10K to small chat about jobs and weddings — everyone genuinely cares.

And that is rarity.

I am so lucky to have these wonderful people in my life. And of course, free events like NBGNO that make help bring us together  even when our lives are busy and schedules hectic.

Because long after the miles are logged and the sneakers taken off, these ladies are there. Incredibly supportive in every single way.