Choices, Chances & Changes

We all have them, so why is it so damn hard to make them? 

In my opinion it boils down to these three things:

Taking a leap of faith. Albeit frightening, it could possibly be the most rewarding thing you ever do for yourself. 
Valuing your worth. Don’t ever  repeat after me  don’t ever, let anyone make you feel less valued than you are. The moment someone takes you for granted or worse, takes advantage of your abilities, get out. Fast. 
Fearing the future. With choices come chances which initiate change. Not knowing what is ahead of you, such as how you are going to pay your bills or if you’ll ever be in love again. This questions can just about rattle you to the core. Enough so for you not to take that chance. 
But let me ask you this, is the horrible job or unhealthy relationship worth it? Does fearing the future really have to be scary or can we reroute our emotions to make it an exciting (and duh, adventurous) experience? 
While it sounds like I am speaking to you as a therapist, that is not my intention. 
I myself have been having some serious problems making decisions lately. TTT has always been a place for me to talk it out and rationalize  whether that healthy chatter be regarding the body or mind. 
And this is your space too. So go ahead, have you been dealing with any life choices, chances or changes recently? 


How to Become Your ‘Extraordinary Self’

If you didn’t read my part 1 about being ‘all-in’, it’s a must.

But moving on … One of the most incredible things I learned last weekend was during Todd Durkin’s speech about ‘Extraordinary Self’.

Are you living a life worth telling a story about? Are you the passenger or the driver? What moves your soul? What are you making the theme of your year?

If you’re like me, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of these larger than life questions. But post-speech I realized, while these topics are hard to address, they are absolutely essential in figuring out what you want out of life.

And please, please, please do not think I have it together and know all of the answers to these questions.

Because honestly, I think I am the most confused about my future than ever right now. But, regardless of where I am or the situation you are in, I believe it’s valuable to answer some of these Q’s  or at the very least dig a bit deeper into discovering what really makes you tick and wake up everyday.

Durkin stated, “He who has not dreamed and not taken great action, has not really lived.”

While it can be terrifying to unveil these parts of yourself, I think it’s vital. So start here. Begin with these 5 assignments. And little by little — while being patient with yourself — you may just find what makes you not just tick, but flutter uncontrollably with a palpable passion. 

1. Put your dreams down on paper.
2. Be disciplined about your best practices.
3. Lead a balanced life.
4. Surround yourself with empowering and inspirational and supportive people.
5. Unveil your innermost passion  and act on it.


Acknowledging Your Passions & Being ‘All-In’: Part 1

This past weekend I attended the Perform Better Conference in Providence, RI. This was my second time heading down for the fitness event and was really excited to be able to experience it this year with a few of my gym colleagues.

From Todd Durkin to Martin Rooney and Stu McGill, this conference was chock full of established fitness professionals. And to say I was an excited geek was an understatement.

I could rail out all of the sessions and takeaways I received for you easily. Or I could provide you with the basic and most poignant pieces of information I walked away with. See, now that I am not training 8+ hours a day or meeting with individual clients on the regular, my needs have changed.

And thus, my information for you has changed as well.

My biggest takeaway from the weekend was the presentation about motivation. About acknowledging your passions and giving them everything you’ve got … regardless of what you believe is ‘right’ or ‘by societies standards’.

Rooney talked a lot about coaching to your fullest potential. If you ask your client to raise their hands as high as they can, do they actually do it? Like, really reach them as high as possible. Ask them again.

At this point in the exercise, if they show you they can reach higher, well, then what were they waiting for the first time. He established this in the lecture (which complimented the hands-on he presented). This dug a bit deeper into everyone sitting in the room.

What are you waiting for?

Whether it’s a job, asking someone out on a date or making a life change, why are you waiting? It’s time to act.

When it was time for Durkin to speak, his emphasis was on ‘Extraordinary Self’. What are you doing in your life right now to make it absolutely amazing? Really, though, what? 

I honestly had to settle on this question for a while. Think about it, what makes you tick? 
We’ll get back to this in my part 2, but let’s start a discussion, shall we?