A Sweat Pink Adventure: Trending Healthy Living Blogger Roundup

I’ve decided I’m going to break the mold a little bit. 

Instead of giving y’all a day-to-day breakdown of the past week at the IDEA World Fitness Conference, I’m going to split my experience into sections: A brief synopsis, trending bloggers and my very first trendy tour of SoCal! 

Laguna Beach, CA

If you missed my synopsis, it’s here. Otherwise, let’s begin. 

Ah, bloggers. We come in all shapes and sizes, with different intentions, goals and time frames in which we are able to write. Some are professionals and are able to pay their bills with said work, for others it is simply a hobby — a space away from their 9-5 jobs with a the main purpose of sharing healthy living tips, fitness routines and recipes with friends, family and followers. 

Moe, Jamie and Alyse

What ever their purpose or plan, I can safely say this is the most passionate and supportive group of people I’ve ever surrounded myself with. Ever.  

That being said, whenever I head to these gatherings (Colorado, Minneapolis or Boston) I’m always astounded by how welcoming everyone is. And whether I begin to read their daily blog babble or follow them on Instagram, I love the connections I make and how I continue to keep up with them as if we are neighbors rather than a nation apart. 

Run Eat Repeat (Monica), PB Fingers (Julie) & Fitnessista (Gina)

So without further ado, grab a cup of coffee and sit back. I’m pleased to introduce you to my mini roundup of newfound friends who I know you’ll enjoy following. 

Marielle, Fit Girl Pretty World
We’ve been online friends for a while, so when I finally got to meet Marielle in person it felt like we’d known each other for years. 

As a CSCS personal trainer, Marielle blogs about life, fitness and how she leads a healthy lifestyle. Follow her on IG, twitter or check out her blog — I guarantee you, her SoCal pictures will make you smile. 

Natalie, Hello Day  
Nicest. Person. Ever. 

Natalie and I met at the BlogFest cocktail party where she suggested I hit up her favorite Newport Beach yoga studio, Ekam. Well, I did just that and she did not steer me wrong. I quickly followed her on IG and found myself lost in the pictures of her adorable family and peaceful life. 

Hint: She offers up great post-workout hair tips! 

Nicole, Foodie Loves Fitness 
Nicole and I instantly hit it off. I’m talking BFF status. From our love of fitness to our chats about PR emails (a part-time job of hers), this Cali resident makes me want to move west just so we can hang out, have blog dates and workout together. 

Is this really too much to ask for? 

Erin, Power Fitness PDX/ Dig Deep Play Hard
The most energetic and positive award goes to Erin. Not only did she kick some serious booty in our morning workout, she was constantly coming to me with ideas about how we can possibly work together in the future. 

Umm … where do I sign up? Be sure to check out her App or follow her on IG, FB and/or Twitter

Shannon, Badass Fitness
Her website name says it all. Shannon is the ultimate badass — crushing our workout and being a wealth of knowledge at the Tabata Bootcamp booth at the expo — this chica does it all. 

Catch up with her on all of her platforms: IG, FB and Twitter

That was kind of like meeting at Starbucks for a coffee date, right? Hope you enjoy them as much as I do 🙂 

– TTT 

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